The Champions League – Paris 2-1 victory over the last 16 players 90 minute

The Champions League – Paris 2-1 victory over the last 16 players 90 minute winner Paris celebrated Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 2nd at 3:45 in the morning, the Champions League fourth round group phase fully started, A group of Basel home court in French giants Paris Saint germain. Mattu Edie’s second goal to help Paris Saint Germain have the lead, but the second half foot hanging goalkeeper magical progenitor Philippines score. At the end of the game Mahdia two yellow and one red leave, Meunier world wave to help Paris win. The final Paris Saint Germain 2-1 away win over Basel, and A Senna with 10 points to qualify. Basel is the only League Cup competition for seats. The home game of the Basel team in order to win the first team efforts. After the opening of both sides try houchangchangzhuan, fifth minutes, Silva lifted the ball into the box, a burst of Cavani Shepian, but referee Chuifa offside. The two sides of the fighting is very intense, the opening 10 minutes both sides did not find a shot. Fifteenth minutes, Mahdia oblique cross, Delgado qiuhou homeopathic foot volley, the ball was confiscated Areola. Seventeenth minutes, Maria was hanging Di pilling box, Mota high Yueqi header gongmen. Nineteenth minutes, Mattu Edie steals Zhise Cavani, run into the box form a single, but his foot hit the high lob. Twenty-third minutes, Kurt Zawa pass in the left Yidimen before the fire horse figure was blocked, then Cavani broke up blank range, but again the referee whistled for offside. Twenty-fifth minutes, Stephen right pass like shooting hanging to the door, the ball slightly higher than the beam. Thirty-fifth minutes after the break, Vilati ball low ball ball, on the right side of the penalty area the ball Maria Di adjust suddenly shot, the ball was blocked by a defender line. Then Basel long counterattack, Mahdia pass, Silva cleared away, Delgado in the restricted area arc long shots. Thirty-eighth minutes, Delgado kick the ball into the box, who accidentally attack ora Silva knocked to the ground, after the doctor treated Silva back into the game. Forty-third minutes, Lucas out on the left corner, after shooting the ball hit Mattu Edie Meunier, later changed to fly into the goal line, 0-1! Paris Saint Germain ahead. During the first half of the game, Bjarne M Song will be the ball into the restricted area, Stephen header was held by the door of the head of the United States, the United States and the United states. But the players on both sides of the conflict occurred on a small scale, and then Stephen was yellow card referee. At the end of the first half, Paris Saint Germain temporarily 1-0 on the road leading to Basel. Kerry Howe Ark at half-time to replace Silva. The second half just opening, di Maria swimming Xiezhuan area, Lucas ball burst shot, the ball was saved vasilica. Fifty-second minutes, di Maria onrush ball ball after right, Meunier inserted into a restricted area, volley Leipzig grasped by Vasili J. Fifty-eighth minutes, Lucas ball left, Cavani door mat shot was on. Fifty-ninth minutes, Basel successive substitutions, progenitor Fay and Janko for Delgado and doumbia. Sixty-fourth minutes, Vilati ball after ball find di Maria, di Maria vasilica foot volley was saved into the box. Sixty-ninth minutes, pollar replaced gabil, sub相关的主题文章: