The charm of Hongkong — the travel channel for Populus

The charm of Hongkong – Desert Populus travel channel promotion site September 8, 2016 afternoon 12:30, Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay two floor restaurant tourism gathered a large coffee, by the Hongkong Tourism Association of Inner Mongolia China Alashan Ejinaqi scenic desert Populus promotion will pull open the curtain. The Hongkong Special Administrative Region of Hongkong, the leadership of the relevant units Chinese Tourism Association Leaders and more than 120 other members of the association of Hongkong tourism China attended the seminar, seminar hosted by the Hongkong Party leadership, the executive general manager of scenic desert Populus Jiang Haibo introduction. Promote the content of Populus euphratica as a link to Ejinaqi tourism resources as the destination of the overall display, to the Hongkong tourism Tongren fully demonstrate the unique tourism resources in Ejina, has aroused strong repercussions. Promotion will end, by the Hongkong Special Administrative Region in the leadership of the relevant units to Alashan Juyan Chenglong Cultural Tourism Development Co. Ltd. Hongkong China Tourism Association flag award. After promotion, Hongkong Chinese tourism association leadership and staff held a forum of scenic desert populus. Preliminary determination in October 2016 10 — 15 members during the association went to Inner Mongolia Alashan Ejinaqi folk songs. The success of the promotion will be held, but also marks the Inner Mongolia scenic spot in the go out, a high starting point of docking and made a solid step forward. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > Chinese; > China delegate Hongkong Tourism Association (commissioning editor: Li Yawen flag (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: