The commission investigating the new group short-term trading, GSST announcements made by hi tech gamelink

The commission investigating the new group short-term trading, hi tech GSST announcements made by Sina Finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money – Gui Xiaosun told reporters yesterday evening, hi tech announced that the controlling shareholder of the new East Guangdong Province Group Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the new group) suspicion of short-term trading, Chinese by the Commission to initiate an investigation, but the short-term transactions occurred in June of this year. At the same time, GSST announced that the shareholders of the new group is a criminal investigation. 50 thousand shares of the "sale" into the new group according to the troubles to the listed company’s "letter", the new group received on September 27th China Securities Regulatory Commission the "investigation notice", because the new group alleged short-term trading violations, according to the relevant provisions of the "People’s Republic of China securities law", the Commission decided to China Guangxin group investigation. According to the new group letter, this investigation may be involved in the new group in June 22, 2016 in GSST holdings of shares, because the staff due to misoperation of short-term trading. The new group will promptly inform the GSST obligation of information disclosure of the situation, and turned over to the short-term trading income. Access to the announcement in June of this year, the shares involved in the short-term trading of 50 thousand shares. In response to "on the major shareholders of listed companies and directors, supervisors and senior management personnel of the holdings of shares of the company related matters notice", the new group began buying GSST stock since July 16, 2015, as of June 22nd this year, the new group’s total holdings of 185 million 710 thousand shares, accounting for 12.92% of the total shares of the company, the concerted action of Guangdong province foreign trade development the company holds GSST 112 million 10 thousand shares, accounting for 7.79% of the total shares of the company. As of June 22nd this year, the new group and GSST acting together hold 297 million 720 thousand shares, accounting for 20.71% of the total shares of the company. However, at the time of the announcement, the new group due to the staff to buy company stock, misoperation to sell shares: June 22nd new group to company stock holdings, began to offer to buy the 9:30, 9:31 to 9:33 stage between the cumulative turnover of 40000 shares. The staff operational errors, in the subsequent process of buying misoperation as sold, resulting in 9:35 to 8.86 yuan to sell 20000 shares to 10 shares, 01 shares to 8.93 yuan to sell 30000 shares, totaling 50000 shares sold misoperation. For the controlling shareholder was investigated, the announcement of the listed company said it would not have a significant impact on the company’s financial situation and operating results in 2016 and future. The new group is to investigate the relevant circumstances, to Chinese Commission survey results shall prevail. The company will continue to focus on the progress of the investigation, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disclosure obligation. GSST share dispersed by GSST after equity, issued an announcement in May this year, no actual control of the company, the mention of相关的主题文章: