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The divorce judgment will not open Internet special parties – Sohu news China dormant referee network according to the keywords, the search of judgment documents. Network screenshot Chinese referee documents show that so far the referee has more than 20 million public documents. Beijing News Network screenshot since 2013, the Chinese referee instruments net open verdict document has more than 20 million. Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued a variety of civilized judgment does not appear in the case of the Internet, including divorce proceedings or involving minor child custody, custody of the referee documents. Juvenile crime and other referee instruments not open the Supreme Law yesterday issued a "people’s Court on the Internet to publish the provisions of the referee documents". In accordance with the "Regulations", the referee documents not published on the Internet including: case involving state secrets; juvenile delinquency; by mediation or confirm the effectiveness of people’s mediation agreement, but except for the protection of national interests, social public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of others is necessary to open; or divorce proceedings involving underage child support, custody the court held that and other circumstances should not be published. For the referee documents have been published on the Internet, after the existence of the above 5 kinds of review of the case, the court shall promptly withdraw. An effective judgment should be seven working days online reporter learned from the highest law, in addition to the revision does not open content, all the judgment made by the people’s court shall be China referee network open. "Regulations" lists the court should be published on the Internet type of referee documents, including judgments, rulings, payment orders, decisions, etc.. In addition, the requirements of personal privacy, the referee documents should also be hidden in the contents of the contents of personal privacy, Internet access. In the case of a legally effective judgment, the court shall publish the Internet within seven working days from the date on which the judgment document comes into force. In accordance with the law filed a protest or appeal trial verdict, ruling, shall be published within seven working days after the commencement of the trial of the internet. On public documents whether the disclosure of privacy? Address, address and other information will be deleted; special types of cases of the anonymous referee instruments are on the Internet, how to protect the personal information will not be released to the participants in the proceedings in trouble? Management office director Li Liang said the supreme law, considering this problem, the public documents will use anonymous processing, is published in the judgment documents at the same time, to protect the parties by parties and litigation agent types on the special cases of the legitimate rights and interests of dormant processing. As for marriage and succession disputes of the parties and their legal representatives, minors and their legal representatives, the criminal victims and their legal representatives, incidental civil plaintiff and legal representatives, witnesses and expert witnesses, the public documents are to be dormant treatment. There is also an arrangement is to delete the relevant information, in the publication of the referee documents at the same time, the relevant information among the documents deleted to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. Including communication with the natural person, home相关的主题文章: