The Double Ninth Festival thousands of tourists in Yalong Bay tropical paradise — a H-foldercure

The Double Ninth Festival thousands of tourists in Yalong Bay tropical paradise — a Hainan channel — Hainan channel in October 10, Hainan Sanya Yalong Bay an invigorating autumn climate is sunny. Today is China’s traditional festival festival, visitors from around the country gathered in the Sanya Yalong Bay tropical paradise forest tourist zone, thousands of tourists in the scenic area in a pleasant, tropical rainforest quest tour, charming and colorful scenery enjoy the Yalong Bay tropical paradise coast rainforest in autumn. On the morning of 9, many tourists in the top spots on the stone Buddha, experience the tropical rain forest tour. See the stone Buddha in the viewing platform, many visitors happily take a photo here, overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Yalong Bay, the feeling of "not Hawaii, the charming scenery of Hawaii is worth". See at the top of the mountain park, many visitors on the first floor of the South China Sea everything in good order and well arranged — the sea floor, overlooking the vast magnificent style of the South China sea. From Guangdong old age group guests happily in the sea floor overlooking the landscape of Yalong Bay, Sanya Yalong Bay tropical paradise Haitian Wonderland beautiful scenery let visitors linger. The famous scenic spots Guojianglong bridge hill, park square, Dragon carving wedding hall square, street and other attractions to tourists. The visitors to work in the area of flowers viewing, everyone happily spend the traditional festival festival in Sanya scenic area. (Huang Qingyou) (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: