The era of Chinese designers! Designer brand annakiki2017 spring and Summer Fashion Week held in Mil spyair

The era of Chinese designers! Designer ANNAKIKI2017 Milan fashion week touted Chinese independent designer ANNAKIKI2017 Presentation Milan fashion week in Milan local time on September 22nd afternoon perfect exhibition, which is the ANNAKIKI brand for the first time in the Milan fashion week official schedule. The ANNAKIKI Presentation is different from other brands exhibition form, with the British illustrator Kaye Blegvad illustration is a source of inspiration, black and white ash picture film, retro tone and space scene, invited well-known curator artists together to participate in the creation of a natural black, with the art exhibition season theme: the "fresh fashion". Exhibition site will be a fashion to produce original material and fashion products to vacuum packaging exhibition in the form of suspension of pure empty space, the atmosphere is absolutely suffocated and quiet; and in another space, is the natural fresh fashion models wearing this pure "static" and "dynamic" strong contrast, distinct feel. The ANNAKIKI2017 Milan fashion week in presentation has been carried out before Cosmopolitan Italia fashion media attention and coverage, and on the day of the exhibition site, but also to attract including the Italy version of vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, l’officiel, glamour, Amica and other mainstream media are visiting the exhibition, Mr. Maran Oni, founder of one of the three major global fashion the design of the prestigious Maran Oni college also personally came to the scene to communicate with the ANNAKIKIA brand founder to negotiate. The static exhibition has also been highly regarded by the Milan fashion Union, as the focus of the trade union official recommended brand recommended to the world’s major media. Italy version of the Vogue Valentina senior editor Vogue Italia (left) | fashion editor Fabrizio WOOD’D founder Andrea & Italy pioneer brand; Stefano | Italy version of the Glamour editor Fabrizio l’officiel of the Italy edition editor Claudia Yang Zi and his friend Wang Xiaoya | note: ANNAKIKI brand founded by independent designer Yang Zi in 2013. The design style of the brand out of the ordinary by many star performers in the fashion circle of concern around the world, in China fashion week successfully published 3 fashion works, to carry out cross-border cooperation with Disney and Chinese Chinese series, Amazon American classic animation LOONEY TUNES, and was invited to and attended the London and Paris fashion week Showroom exhibition is listed as the official London Fashion Week designer recommended the ANNAKIKI into Milan fashion week 2017 official schedule Chinese independent designer brands. ANNAKIKI brand founder Yang Zi ANNAKIKI2014 show相关的主题文章: