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The "anti tax declaration" of the first knife: apple is hard cut billions of Apple Corp Author: Qu Lili arrive a few days earlier than iPhone7, apple is the "punishment" 13 billion euros of tax news. Apple has therefore become the European Parliament issued a "anti tax declaration", the first frame to anti avoidance steel enterprises. After apple, more companies or will face penalties. Experts to "China business" analysis, due to the large number of American companies including McDonald’s, Starbucks, Amazon, have loose rate in Europe in Ireland, Luxemburg tax avoidance design, and has been the EU survey, therefore some enterprises, is likely to become the next target. Politicians and businessmen continue to dispute, Apple will be cut a knife, there is no final answer. But behind this, the tax avoidance strategy of multinational corporations and the recent trend of anti tax avoidance in the European Union are highly concerned by Chinese enterprises. Apple sent it should be said that in the EU and the rest of Europe countries, such as Britain’s investigation of anti tax avoidance, apple is not a prominent target, and McDonald’s, Starbucks is investigating the sound but also has never been in the network. This is perhaps an Apple’s ten million single penalty, apple and the United States Department of Finance and other difficult to accept important reasons. Not only the Apple shares fell, the CEO Tim · Cook also immediately issued an open letter expressing dissatisfaction, and appeal. Cook denied the so-called evasion charges, "he said in a ruling that the EU will have serious consequences for European companies, but he believes that the" EU ruling will be revoked". Maestre, Apple Corp’s chief financial officer, said at a news conference: "apple is the largest company in Ireland, the United States is the largest tax paying company, is the world’s largest tax company." At the same time, the United States government has responded with a strong response to the incident, the U.S. Treasury said that if the EU insists on continuing to conduct such investigations of U.S. companies, the United States will take measures to deal with. But many facts show that Apple has received huge tax incentives in ireland. The European Commission released documents show that: Apple Corp in Europe, the actual business tax rate fell from 1% in 2003 to $0.005% in 2014 (ie, a tax of $1 per $). "Ireland illegally provides tax breaks to Apple Corp, which makes Apple Corp enjoy a lower effective tax rate than other companies in the past few years." European Commission says. The European Commission issued by the Apple Corp tax evasion roadmap: Apple Corp has established two wholly-owned subsidiaries in Ireland, namely Apple International Sales Company (Apple Sales International, hereinafter referred to as "ASI") and apple (Apple Operations Europe Europe operating company, hereinafter referred to as "AOE"). The former ASI’s main business is to buy Apple products from Apple manufacturers around the world, and then sold to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India market. Therefore, these areas of consumer accounts receivable and profits generated by the purchase of Apple products are included in the ASI account"相关的主题文章: