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The exposure window will Basadong attack a Swiss captain forced Juve low put Sohu ‘ability in both sports experience Roberto on November 10th Beijing time, the Spanish "world sports daily" news, Barcelona plans for next year’s January acquisition of Swiss star Leigh F Steiner, Barcelona in the top view, because the Swiss and Juve’s contract expires in 2017. The summer so they can get cheap defender. After losing Alves, Basa in the right back position not targeted reinforcement, Enrique is currently relying on Roberto, had high signing Arrakis Vidal is not taken seriously, and the latter and Enrique relationship is bad, almost certain to be purged in the winter window, but the Vidal couldn’t find anyone. The right back position, Beilailin Barcelona was interested, but the Spanish defender for Arsenal and the renewal of six years, wages will reach 100 thousand pounds, therefore, Barcelona also. "World sports news," said the news, Barcelona is currently the preferred Juventus Leigh F Steiner. It is interesting that the Swiss currently lost the main force, it is because of Alves’s joining. Western media analysis, Juventus and Leigh F Steiner’s contract expires in the summer of next year, so in the negotiations, Barcelona will have enough capital and serie a bargain, they may get cheap Swiss international. Leigh F Steiner is an old traveller, offensive and defensive ability is very good, either four or three guard system guard, wing guard, he can play, but he is also ideal for Barcelona players. If you lose the Swiss, Juve may pursue de Sileo in Milan. (listen to the wind)相关的主题文章: