The few who dare to say that you are in the driver! – Sohu car-yo te amo

The few who dare to say that you are in the driver!? A few days ago – Sohu automobile driver to ridicule the tone introduces some driver God mode of operation, apologize. In fact, in daily traffic, there are many accidents are caused by the driver’s carelessness, because they cannot concentrate attention, too scattered due to the accident, are completely avoidable attention. Now the old driver through the last apology to the majority of female drivers attention some aspects of the popularity of cars, no longer make a variety of frightful to the ear! The car had put all kinds of ornaments! The driver is actually the most common mistake is to put in the car all they think of lovely ornaments, such as plush toys, jewelry or various cushions. The upper part of the console, the rear view mirror, and the platform on the back seat are the places where they like to put things. Too many pieces of these things, will greatly affect our driving vision. The console put too many things, such as ornaments or car perfume, emergency brake or emergency and fixed well will inevitably run everywhere, there may be danger because of rush. High heels are not suitable for driving! Girls like to wear high heels, especially now to the kind of winter snow boots and received the girls sought after. In fact, you must know the dress they are not suitable for driving, the heel is higher on the brake or accelerator, both are limited, this is because the arch-criminal brake is not enough and accident. The old driver remind the driver by a pair of shoes wear special car in the car, usually this does not affect the appearance, will not stay hidden in the car. Don’t sit too close! The driver may know from the outset, driving than men, so in the car almost will seat to the front, the body tightly attached to the steering wheel. This style of driving if build very petite girls, this is not recommended. Not only will there be some restrictions on the operating space when driving, but also because of this kind of sitting posture, the front side of the front and the back of the face. Car phone, texting, eating, mirror, these are many female drivers love the way to do things, but it is these small move, let you more easily cause accidents because of distraction and. The car anti-theft lock off! It is very important for all car owners, especially the female drivers often drive. Remember to turn off the car after the lock, or because of traffic lights in need of temporary parking situation, once someone from the passenger opened the door, put away in the passenger’s bag or small, hijacking occurred when too late to regret. Another point to note is that when leaving the vehicle to check the car window to close the case, to avoid the car after the discovery of stolen property or vehicle damage, theft.相关的主题文章: