The first disciple of master Kumarajiva was only 31 years old but on death-misao

The first disciple of master Kumarajiva was only 31 years old young but immortalized Sengzhao genius, left a "famous" Seng Zhao work. (source: picture) Sengzhao, is a famous Buddhist scholar during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Jing Zhao (now Shaanxi Changan) people. The Commission for juvenile book industry, then view of calendar classics, also like Lao zhuang. He thought that the "moral" on the road is not good abstruse, then see the old translation "by" seeking with Vimalakirti, pondering, beginning to know the return, and a monk, soon to "good solution, and such famous monk". In the Jin Dynasty Longan two years (A.D. 398) to guzang (now Gansu Wuwei county), he came to learn from, as the first disciple Roth, known as the "dragon like method". Roche, Qin Hong was three years (401) to Changan, accompanied by zhao. Then the Lord Qin Yao Xing Xi Ming Ge and Roth please into the park free translation of Buddhist canons and monks He Rui in such help, in translation, "Roth becomes more intrinsic. Philip was six years (404) "goods" Prajnaparamita translated, his "intelligence ignorance theory", where more than 2000 words. He praised, said: "I couldn’t thank speech, when yi." He was about twenty-three years old. Roche also translated "100 theory", he made a preface, expounds the theory gist. Philip was eight years (406), "Wang" translated, he notes roathy’s mouth just as the notes and preface (this sequence has been lost, the existing "note by the" Department of Roth, Sengzhao, blend and Dao Sheng, monk Rui, Daorong and various notes). About ten years before Philip (408) at the end of the summer, the Tao gave birth to Mount Lu from Guanzhong, with "intelligence ignorance theory" shows Liu Yimin the hermit, adherents of praise and said: "not a flat uncle Italy robe." Due to Cheng Huiyuan, is that "far from", and put together to find interesting. Second years (409), Liu Yimin, and he asked about "flak, and" Prajna ignorance "of the doubt. Another year, he reported to the complex book about Buddhism and the free event, made a "note" by Vimo; the "intelligence ignorance theory" purport to answer. He later developed the theory of "no vacuum" and "the theory of things without moving". Philip was fifteen years (413), the Buddha Yase translated "Agama", he also attended the translation field, and preface. He was Rosh under ten years, what is called the "four door" or "ten sages" one, also known as the "solution space first". Roathy died after his memorial to the permanent, Alice Si Mi Li "; more homage, the" Nirvana ring theory ", there are ten percent off reciprocating argument, ten play. On the table, Qin Yao Xing, Yao Xingbei with praise, even copying, distribution nephew. Hong began sixteen years (414) died, aged only thirty-one years old. Sengzhao important works, that is the "object" does not move "" ignorance "vacuum" Prajna "Nirvana" on the four ring, in addition to the "Zong Benyi", was found in the "small Chen shodai Ji Hui Xu" the Seng Zhao work. The four is called "be made one" or in the corpus of Seng Zhao. "About" the corpus of Seng Zhao: Jin commentary, the existing Huida "sparse" three volumes (now the corpus of Seng Zhao que 2), the "sparse" Motoyasu Tang Seng Zhao work volume three, "Song Jingyuan Wu Seng Zhao work variorum" three volume "and Lingmo notes" solution set Seng Zhao work volume two, in accordance with the song "note" three volumes of Song Shu Seng Zhao work, Wuchu road complete teacher "dream and release Zhao Shang guang.相关的主题文章: