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The game is more and more low competitive furnace stone out of the what problem? – Sina hearthstone legend and all the success of the online game, hearthstone legend also experienced players endless complaints. However, it is difficult to recall the last time there were so many professional players and ordinary players to question what happened to the sports furnace. The problem with the competition was ushered in last week, when Navi broke up on the same day as Amaz, the world’s most successful hearthstone team, bid farewell to the Archon and officially declared the disintegration of the clan. The lack of a sufficient number of bonuses to hand in a championship, a top game player who seems to agree, even in the preparation of Wanquan case, rate of success in the game is low outrageous. These two points to the feasibility of hearthstone game marked a question mark. While the current world champion, Firebat began to try to organize a ban card game, you know the hearthstone game is definitely a problem. As a spectator, I really feel that the hearthstone game is just what I was looking for. This is because with the increase in the level of the game, the harvest is less and less, on the other hand, we continued to watch the game as like as two peas feel a bit tired. Even so, I do not think that aesthetic fatigue is the main problem facing the competition. After all, the new contents in the new environment is constantly waiting for the next arrival of cancer. The real problem is the design concept of blizzard on randomness and value models. But if the randomness of all killed a pole may not really grasp the essence of the problem, if you want to cure it, we have to take a close look at the value model of some cards. Randomness and the real problem of the value model in my opinion, hearthstone is now experiencing problems arising from some of the card value model design mistakes. Almost every new series will have some problems with the card, only a few cards can have a bad effect on the game. Let’s look at the details of the case: positive case to randomly generated value card in essence is not a bad thing, such as 1 for spider webs, raving grimoire and boasting pirates — the three card has a random effect, but does not subvert the environment. These cards are designed to be very good, because they have a relatively weak body (although the body is not important), so they can not help you in the early snowball. They also provide a card, though not from the card card, but the card randomly enriched your card options, so you can change flexibly according to the tactics of the game cards. The key is that these cards are not "open" because you have to pay for the random cards. So these cards are "fair". Their randomness can create some exciting moments, change the direction of the game, to increase the choice of different thinking. These cards are strong enough to be added to the building, but your opponent will rarely be provoked by the randomness of the cards. Positive cases include Ysera, thinking of stealing, 130 and quartermaster, or pay extra value model or trigger condition] no randomness of the card is also quite worth considering. A fast dragon is a.相关的主题文章: