The game is not wrong to learn two – do a quiet man – Sohu maternal and child oembios.bin

Game two not mistake —- to be a quiet beauty – a rare good day Sohu maternal weekend, we go out to eat at noon, so he took the students to the nearby Sanmao Le Le, Grandpa and grandma went to the supermarket, but joy and mom bought ten coins, I saw the students playing music. He played!! The game currency holding their own, turning to several places, visited, all right to it for a long time did not come, but there is very young with games, music students most love the game began to turn the steering wheel ~ ~ pass, and mother clap one, in this place. Attached to the three set, it was moved to the other place to catch fish play slightly!! This is clearly not enough to make a play to music while milk may also come out, this place is mostly from the card and we place but a city distance, or forget it, Le classmate say: Mom you bought me a lollipop, I will not play the game? At the beginning of the music students say later comer, think of yourself or just play the game, so eat lollipop birthday ~ ~ on the way back after a bookstore, was happy to buy a fucking book, see the music students fell asleep on the road, said directly go back again, who knows just after. Music students wake up to read, well, take Y! I can be a quiet beautiful man!! The first two days to listen to Mu Mu teacher said, take pictures do not look at the lens do not look at the lens, do not look at the lens, one did not see, I was so quietly recorded!! Look at that beautiful photos, that this film is not good-looking, dark or bright, there is no place to shoot, but also good is not too much, we capture!! After reading the maze, he read a book, little, little!! Then you can’t be quiet anymore!! All kinds of hi!! Read a book can also dance!! I found the book, Muay Thai road! Go out to grandma said: grandma you have to be careful, I found a good book, taekwondo!! Then he picked up a hand book, and in the words of music students is that to a long, double voice maps, read, that is OK, as long as love, is the mother of all learning content, music students that also meet ah, also said that after going there and this is really a good place, there are a variety of toys can buy books, of course, this is only bought the book, did not seriously look at the toy! Next time, this time!!相关的主题文章: