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The genetic secrets of the baby’s facial features, with dad or with mom? Sohu mother and daughter pregnant mother, can not wait to know the baby’s face and facial features in the end how! And just born baby, really ugly. But as the baby grows up day by day, every day has a different change, will become more and more like parents. Look at the baby a little bit of growth, eyes, nose, ears, small mouth, etc., the change in each place is very magical for parents. 1 eyes (1) eye shape: the child’s eye shape, size inherited from the parents, big eyes relatively small eyes are dominant inheritance. Parents have a big eyes, big eyes children may be larger. 2) double fold: double fold is a dominant inheritance, single eyelids and double fold of the baby is very likely to be double fold skin. But parents are single eyelids, the average child is also a single eyelid. 3 eye color: black and other dark color is dominant compared with light. In other words, black eyes and blue eyes of the people, the child will not be born blue eye. 4 eyelashes: long eyelashes are also dominant inheritance. Parents as long as a person has a long eyelashes, the possibility of genetic long eyelashes are very large. 2 nose in general, the nose is large, high, while the width of the nose was dominant inheritance. One parent is a straight nose, give the child a great likelihood of genetic. The nose of the genetic gene will continue until adulthood, when a small nose, adult may also become a high nose. 3 the shape of the ear and the ear, and the large ears are dominant. As long as a person is a big ear, then the child is likely to be a pair of big ears. More parenting knowledge please add micro signal: wsgmama 4 bald creator seems to favor women, so bald only to men. For example, my father is bald, his son inherited the 50% probability, even the mother’s father, also will be their probability of bald 25% grandchildren. This biography of men and women do not pass the genetic trend of gender, so that men have no alternative. 5 of the boys and girls to brood on acne face disease, was also associated with heredity. Because both parents suffer from acne, the prevalence of children will be 20 times higher than those without family history. 6 legs like the parents of the fat accumulation of the legs, can be fully trained by the shape of slender legs. Is that if the legs due to genetic and seem too long or too short, they can not plastic, only allow natural. Usually our body parts of the organ, appearance features, ninety percent are inherited from their parents. The advantages and disadvantages and features, we can inherit their parents so many people will say that this boy and his father or mother is very like; at the same time, some genetic diseases will also bring their parents through, this is not enough pre pregnancy health work to do. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: Micro相关的主题文章: