The Golden Gate continued 8000 passengers stranded 210 people overnight at the airport (Figure) –

The Golden Gate continued 8000 passengers stranded 210 people overnight at the airport (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, February 14, according to the "Taiwan times" reported yesterday China, Kinmen continuous heavy fog locked, and severely disrupted traffic, not only Taiwan flight canceled 8 gold 5, gold light north waiting that registration of more than 5000 people, and from both sides of the "mistress" also all-weather service, Shangyi airport and pier head are packed with people anxious, gloomy complain: "Kinmen Island soon become!" Taiwan civil aviation officials said Han Zhenhua, today will be continued by the military, machine and work overtime because the passenger number, and to transport finished tomorrow to fear. This time not only the number of passengers waiting to write the registration record high in recent years, and more than 210 people at the Shangyi airport, but also over the years, most of the time. Kinmen County Magistrate Chen Fuhai went to the airport and supervision matters, he said, a military machine more than 20 sorties overtime today, as long as the weather permits, even fly into the night 1 points, must also be safe. Since the cause of Kinmen warm air around the fog and the landing, the island, located in low-lying areas of Shangyi airport yesterday morning, runway visibility has remained at 100, 200 meters, the original aircraft classes have been canceled, until at 11 o’clock in the morning mist slightly loose, noon continuous rush of flying 9 classes, but then the fog again from the sea rushed in, after 1 p.m. the route fully grounded, a total of 96 flights canceled and all day long. Kinmen County Government and Kinmen civil aviation station launched an emergency plan B (Hai Yun) and the Spring Festival, the "Kinmen fastship" from each of the 1 voyage of Taichung Kinmen, yesterday morning 3 when the ship sailed from Taichung empty, at 12 am arrived in Kinmen liaoluo port, 12:30 loaded with 400 eager visitors to return to taiwan. However, the airport congestion has not been relieved, and 8000 passengers have been registered in the 6 flights in the evening. Among them, the most popular North railway line is more than 5000 passengers. The terminal building which has just widened is very crowded and anxious to write on each face. The use of winter through the golden gate to Xiamen tourism Chen teacher said, she has even 2 days, did not expect the fog yesterday than the day before yesterday is also strong, still can not return to the island of Taiwan, worried about next week on the first day, people are still stranded in kinmen. Because the sea fog, Kinmen and Xiamen five, between Quanzhou Shijing port "mistress", but also because of poor visibility at sea and suspended all day long, head terminal passenger service center into more than 700 passengers, hurry to the mainland Taiwanese complaints as one falls, another rises.

金门持续浓雾 8000名旅客滞留210人夜宿机场(图)-中新网   中新网2月14日电 据台湾《中国时报》报道,金门昨持续浓雾深锁,严重打乱联外交通,不但台金线班机取消8成5,光北金线登记候补旅客即逾5000人次,往返两岸的“小三通”也全天候停航,尚义机场和水头码头都挤满焦急的旅客,个个愁眉苦脸抱怨:“金门快变成孤岛了!”台湾民航部门官员韩振华表示,今天将续由军机、加班机疏运,因旅客数众多,恐至明天才能疏运完毕。   这回不但登记候补的旅客人数写下近年新高纪录,且多达210余人夜宿尚义机场,也是历年来最多的一次。金门县长陈福海亲赴机场督导疏运事宜,他表示,今天将有军民加班机20余架次,只要天候状况许可,即使飞到深夜1点以后,也要将旅客平安送走。   金门自前天起因暖湿气流登陆,全岛到处雾茫茫的,位于低洼地带的尚义机场,昨天一早跑道能见度始终在100、200米之间徘徊,原定客机一班班相继取消,直到上午11时许雾气稍散,中午才连续抢飞9班,但随后浓雾再度自海上涌进,下午1时后各航线全面停飞,总计全天取消来回96个班次。   金门县府与金门民航站紧急启动春节疏运B计划(海运),由“金门快轮”执行台中往返金门各1个航次,昨凌晨3时由台中港空船启航,中午12时许抵达金门料罗港,12时30分满载400名归心似箭的旅客返台。   但机场拥挤情况未见纾解,晚间台金6条航线登记候补旅客逾8000人次,其中最热门的北金线逾5000人次,刚拓宽不久的候机楼,显得十分拥挤,焦急写在每个人脸上。   利用寒假经金门赴厦门旅游的陈姓老师表示,她已连等2天,未料昨天雾气比前天还浓,仍回不了台湾本岛,很担心下周开学日,人却还滞留金门。   因为海雾弥漫,金门与厦门五通、泉州石井码头之间的“小三通”,也因海上能见度欠佳而全天停航,水头码头旅客服务中心挤进逾700名旅客,急着赶赴大陆的台商,抱怨声此起彼落。相关的主题文章: