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The "good" poetry and poetry highlights and more entertaining staged speed culture of large-scale entertainment season Sohu by Hebei TV, film and television media spring integration and other units jointly build the "show good poetry" recently ushered in the long-awaited second knockout group. Four instructors will launch their arm strength, Li Bo teacher to save the first group’s defeat, Peking University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University sent a fierce battle of Sichuan University three teams, full of change and a new link and tough battle strategy, make Tsinghua University frequency in the woods, was finally out of pity. Li Bo ridicule Yu Entai: life is like a play, by acting Yu Entai in the first game tournament, with its rigorous Paibingbuzhen and people’s strength, successfully launched the "hezonglianheng" skills of victory for his team’s dawn, because the bottom fraction of Central South University had to leave, let the teacher Li Bo was injured. Recently, after elimination ushered in the "Chinese poetry" in the fifth quarter of second groups, the host Wang Kaijie in view of Li Bo teacher first round record, has carried on the deep concern and greetings, Li Bo teacher jokingly said: "they didn’t believe him, but I also silently the industry believe". Unveiled the new part of the game, a comprehensive update four team contests has become a great part of the game’s highlights of the show, "and" speed and mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore "poetry", "heart", "full" of four links into four tutors "soldiers will be" the poetry of battlefield. A team with the audience to exhaust all the skills themselves, in succession, in the "speed and poetry" link, wonderful performance of team members to veteran Yu Entai and Yang Yu repeatedly applauded, Peking University wit frequent bursting point, the whole process will be "edutainment" to carry forward the spirit of the extreme. Tsinghua University regret to be eliminated, Yu Entai Li Bo cited parting tears in the final moments of the show, Tsinghua University players and Yu Entai, Li Bo two mentor said in the heart feeling, a warm and solemn atmosphere, Tsinghua University will be "poetic mood" youth in the hearts of everyone. Yu Entai: "I would like to use all my wealth, and for you at this age to go on stage, this is called poetic mood, so you left me still is the most glorious side, I love you not because of your face today temporarily leave a trace in the heart has slowed down." Sincere and very modest teacher Li Bo also touched the presence of all the people: "we may not get much too good at high scores in every game, but we are good at the long enduring spirit." The "good poetry" fifth season "when we were young" wonderful continues, the audience in the online message said: "look at the" good poetry ", feel the broad and profound Chinese culture and unique charm, and I appreciate the brilliant Chinese youth have lofty ideals and high aspirations, such a wonderful show thanks."相关的主题文章: