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Interpretation of "the Great Wall" Ultimate Trailer: the gluttonous picture, Luhan caught – Sohu entertainment Zhang Yimou "the Great Wall" starring Matt Damon, Tian Jing, Andy Lau, Chen Xuedong stills [Click to view photos] Sohu entertainment news (Sen Yuewen) Beijing time in October 9th 1, Zhang Yimou, director of the science fiction film "the Great Wall" in New York Expo released ultimate notice up to 2 minutes and 22 seconds, than before the exposure notice more complete and clear, and there are many new scenes, basically have been able to glimpse of leopard, complete outline of movie outline.     the upcoming December 26th release of the film since the project since it is concerned, in addition to "Zhang Yimou + Magic Movies" this new combination of film and Matt – Damon, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu and other veteran actor and one of the most popular actor lineup of young men and women, bright. The ultimate Trailer 9 am release release more details, William – Dafoe Matt – Damon debut role, show a good hand of archery, although vague, gluttonous first picture, the deer Han soldiers as the bear monster catch, very sad. Matt – Damon led the foreign devils why will appear in the Great Wall? In the ultimate trailer, Matt – Damon played the role of dictating the reasons for his appearance: "we traveled thousands of miles, just to find a secret weapon, which is the most powerful weapon we have known." His role in the film is good at archery, in front of a Chinese army also set the good skill bowl three. But when he arrived in the Great Wall have a lot of local troops, wearing five colors for generals he and Pedro – Pascal (played the red viper in the right game "in). Tian Jing plays the female lead in the crane that "you lie in the trailer, you are the thief", will Matt Damon two people in the room. Matt Damon, a pedestrian for money to meet animals, finally decided to join the army stationed in the Great Wall heroic battle. According to the story of the background, Matt – Damon looking for weapons of great power is actually one of China’s four major inventions, gunpowder". When did the story happen? According to the movie set, "the Great Wall" tells the story of the Song Dynasty, China in history, this is a Han and the customs of countries continue to produce border friction and gradually entered the era of resist foreign invasion. In the movie the garrison soldiers against the so-called "gluttonous monster" may not be speculated as foreign metaphor. However, there was only a flash of the monster in the trailer. The five armies on the Great Wall is what position? "The shadow" is the general term for the the Great Wall garrison troops, actually divided into five different forces, named after the five kinds of animal. Trailer appeared five generals collective debut, in addition to the crane generals Tian Jing, Eddie Peng and tiger generals, generals Eagle Lin update, deer generals Huang Xuan, surrounded by four bear Army General Zhang Hanyu. Five behind is dressed in blue, gold, red, purple, black color armor soldier. Pretty and gorgeous five is Matt Damon with a medieval style soft, appearance is also very neat. In Trailer相关的主题文章: