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The green army before the Rockets coach praised if one person can win a knight Mchale sina sports season 3 wins and 2 losses, lost away bulls and Cavaliers are acceptable, injury cases made such achievements in the main players, the Celtics performance was good. But the last century in 80s to help the team the three championship Mchale, accepting that Boston local media day before, now the Celtics still lack a crucial ability to master. Reporter: do you think now the Celtics are a champion team? Mchale; they need a player. Danny Anji knows this, and I think he will do his best to find it. The signing of El Horford on the team to help, he is versatile, as can the ball inside, very powerful. Horford can be from different angles to help the team win the player, now NBA in this kind of person is not much, there are too many league players apart from scoring skills, I love horford. But they also need Horford, another ball can support big man like that now Nick Ollie, no suitable candidate. I don’t mean they need to "magic" Johnson, but they really need to be able to move the ball players, this is the key to tear defense, such as Isiah Thomas, they need more of this kind of player. Reporter: does he have to be a superstar? Mchale: superstar? Well, of course. I’m sure if Lebron left Cleveland, Anji will be hard to pursue him, but it’s not possible. For the Celtics, it should be to find a suitable person for them, I think they need a player who can attract each other. Although there are a few good combinations, but they need to be able to attract the other side of the three or four defensive players, teammates do not help him, he can score a person, which will make the team better. If you don’t have a player who can make a difference, it’s very difficult to play. If a person can make each other to change a defensive strategy, and then through running and shooting disturb each other, the game will be easier. This is the work of the superstar, the best players like Lebron, he can mobilize the team, but it requires talent. Reporter: Durant seems to be the most suitable candidate. Mchale: that’s right. I very love warriors four players: Green de Raymond, Stephen Cooley, Kevin Durant and Craig Thompson. They will find ways to fight, they have a lot of people are attracted to rivals teaming with curry, Durant, I don’t know whether Clay can, and Green is the one who can share the ball inside, it is a perfect combination of. The Celtics need a player like that. Reporter: last season the Celtics players are in tune, they are very hard on the defensive end, but the offense often troubled. You think of them as much as last season, even if there are more teams in the lineup, including Brown and Jielun. Mchale: Well, they have a lot of good players. Brown can make his own scoring opportunities, but in the face of the top defense相关的主题文章: