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God blessed the history | November: Turing machine, Firefox and Windows was selected from the Fortune machine technology Sohu – time heart compilation: Du Xiade, Jiang Siyuan participate in different parts of the world, people have a lucky time saying, whether it is calculated according to the Chinese zodiac is to look at the star. The first half of November is undoubtedly the lucky month in the field of computer science. Since 1936, the blessing of God is like a computer, a lot of computer in the field of events with a history of milepost meaning are concentrated in the first half of November, including: Alan · set the predecessor of modern computer "Turing machine", Matsushita released the first handheld computer, Microsoft announced the development of Windows operation IBM announced the implementation of disk system, miniaturization breakthrough technology, launched 1 version of firefox…… This November, let’s briefly review the November years that shaped our digital lives today. An auction preview at the March 2015 Hongkong conference, from Alan · Turing a page in the notebook in his portrait of the show before the day of November 8, 1991, the first time in the history of the Turing test was held at the Boston Museum of computer. Thinking Software, President of Joseph Weintraub, used his software to cheat 5 of the 10 referees to win the game. The software can expand his whimsical dialogue like a man. On the Weintraub software, Mark Halpern wrote in the "Turing test" in trouble: This program in the process of testing is called terminator 5 (T5), the terminal speech than most computer driven words more interesting (not praise), but for these procedures, is perfect standard. It is mainly by "non directive therapy" strategy, the strategy by Joseph Weizenbaum and Kenneth Colby proposed many years ago, in the strategy programs can be singled out from the input data for a short period (for example, "I wish I knew more about X" in X), this will be inserted into a short pre recorded good reply ("Why are you interested in X?")… It is worth noting that the five judges found T5 is human, including two human judges as computer talk. Overall, the performance of the referee let us draw a very good summary, T5 cannot reach the ongoing dialogue, lack of human knowledge, they cannot share sweet and with humans, and they feel like chatting in the mirror and talk to yourself, it can expel the feeling of loneliness. This is a Weintraub software (T5) and the referee between "whimsical dialogue": referee 3:n fragment相关的主题文章: