The Hong Xiaowen flow feast — by Microsoft Asia Research Institute of science and technology coming

Hong Xiaowen | flow feast — by Microsoft Asia Research Institute "rite" – Sohu technology flow feast — Microsoft Asia Research Institute "rite" Microsoft’s senior vice president of Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D group and chairman of Microsoft Asia Research Institute president Hong Xiaowen "if you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then you then life no matter go to where she stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast." This sentence is a great writer Hemingway wrote in "a moveable feast" page of a Book dedicated. If the "Paris" is replaced by "Microsoft Asia Research Institute", then this sentence may have been engraved in the life of many people. November, Microsoft Asia Research Institute ushered in her 18 year old adult ceremony". We did not hold a grand ceremony, but invited a group of "special guests", together with us to recall the growing number of research institutes to review the milestones and new achievements of the institute. These guests are "special" because they have been a member of the institute. Once they start and Development Institute, and later, they do mind, or is active in the IT industry Chinese in the teeth of the storm, the leadership of a branch greater team; or cruising in China frontier areas of computer science education, a batch of outstanding talent: they are for a cause try. However, no matter how high their position, how much success has been achieved, how many talents, until today, they are still in this world-class research institutions have been proud of. In many have left the institute but still hard to institute complex friend initiative, Microsoft Asia Research Institute Alumni Association was formally established in November 14th. When I was in college club events, see once comrades that familiar faces, suddenly feel that time flies. Unconsciously, the Institute has grown from a newborn baby to a strong young man, and I took over from the hands of Dr. Shen Xiangyang, Dean of the baton, and now has nine years. The growth of trio Institute growth course review, for me, the most profound sentiment has three points. First of all, the most amazing thing is that the Institute grew and grew up with china. Over the past eighteen years of economic and technological China is the most important period of time — 1998 I and a few friends to build the Academy, Chinese GDP just break the trillion dollar mark; and two years ago, Chinese GDP has crossed the $10 trillion threshold. In the meantime, Chinese joined WTO, has successfully held the most successful in the history of the Olympic Games, but also to open up manned spaceflight and lunar albert. From the industry point of view, eighteen years ago, the proportion of IT industry in China’s GDP is about 4.8%, and in recent years, according to data released by the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of information industry, the contribution rate of the information economy on China’s GDP is close to 60%. Internet Co has a number of international influence of the rise, and ranks among the forefront of the market value of Global Internet Company. In some application areas, China’s development level even more than many developed countries. The rapid development of the Chinese provides a platform for cooperation and exchanges, personnel of the fertile window for the Research Institute, Research Institute in that.相关的主题文章: