The Kecak Dance Ritual – Discover The Heritage Of Balis Mesmerizing Art Forms

Travel-and-Leisure Often referred to as one of the must-have cultural experiences when in Bali, the Kecak dance ritual has transformed into an iconic performance piece synonymous with the heritage of the Balinese. As an enthralling work of musical theatre this grand production involving a large number of actors is performed by dance .panies who have formed Kecak groups to entertain tourists as well as locals in cultural venues and resorts across the island. Containing a male-centric cast the Kecak dance is an exquisite work of art that .bines .plex choreography, traditional movements and a soundtrack that is bereft of musical instruments. Although the Kecak dance is typically performed by an all-male cast a few female Kecak groups have also entered the foray of Balinese entertainment as of 2006. Moving to the rhythmic chant of a chorus this music-less work of musical drama retells the epic story of the Ramayana and is also dubbed the Ramayana Monkey Chant by locals. More than 150 performers take the stage during one such performance where dancers dressed in plaid cloths from their waists showcase various battle scenes from the Hindu religious poem. One of its key points is the battle between evil monarch Ravana and the hero, prince Rama aided by his trusty .panion Vanara who appears in the form of an ape. The performers of the play continuously chant the word "cak" in rhythmic as well as percussive fashion which serves as the sole source of music in the work. The origins of the Kecak tradition is steeped in controversy as the dance is believed to have originated from an exorcism ritual dance which induces a trance like state while others attribute the creation of the dance to German artist Walter Spies who is believed to have helped in the evolution of the dance form in the 1930’s. The dance’s worldwide appeal however is attributed to Spices who worked with famed Balinese artist Wayan Limbak who toured the world with Kecak dancers and popularized the dance item with western audiences. Visitors in search of elegant Bali spa resorts should look to the .O Shambhala Estate Bali for all their ac.modation needs. Offering guests a range of therapeutic treatments in a serene location this Bali spa resort specializes in providing a tranquil hideaway for discerning travellers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: