The Kuomintang general to Hong Kong to Taiwan media due to the liquidation of Sohu – the Kuomintang imjpmig

The Kuomintang general " " to go to Hong Kong to Taiwan media: due to the liquidation of the Kuomintang – Sohu Military Channel Global Times News: former KMT spokesman Yang Weizhong blasted 24 scheduled to Hongkong to participate in the forum, the results of 23 was the organizer to inform the temporary cancellation of endorsement, because he suspected to take over as a member of "improper Property Committee" the liquidation of the kuomintang. Hongkong public opinion, this is the Beijing release warning. The island is speculated that the next 4 years, the DPP public officials will be banned from entering Hongkong. "Hong Kong Culture Exchange Foundation 25 held in Hongkong" Hong Kong Forum ", invite former KMT spokesman Yang Weizhong, MAC Advisory Committee Fan Shiping, the DPP legislators Guo Zhengliang and the" National Policy Research Institute senior consultant Su Jin to discuss how to resolve the impasse between the two sides, of which Yang Weizhong is the keynote speaker, speech "the rise of great powers and small countries face cross-strait nationalism awakening: impact". According to Taiwan’s "free times" reported on 24, Yang Weizhong said in a radio interview, he was scheduled for 24 days prior to departure to Hongkong, also received endorsements and bought tickets, but was organized in 23 days to inform the unit temporary Hong Kong visa was cancelled because he is going to take over the members of the Party committee, improper handling "to the liquidation of the kuomintang. Yang Weizhong said he was surprised by the Beijing would have this attitude, because the assets of Beijing should not issue business, it will make people deepen the development of impression. Born in 1971, Yang Weizhong entered the team in 2011, joined the KMT in 2013 and served as a spokesman for the following year due to personal career planning resignation in. After the outbreak of the sun flower school movement, he repeatedly criticized Ma Ying-Jeou’s handling of the "learning" approach will lead to confrontation between the KMT and the younger generation. In January 2015, Zhu Lilun served as chairman of the Kuomintang after visiting Yang Weizhong to return to the headquarters, served as vice chairman of the news, this year the "general election" after he announced his resignation. Since then, Yang Weizhong has repeatedly publicly criticized the KMT, and that the name of the party to get rid of China two words. In June 29th this year, the KMT Central Standing Committee by Yang Weizhong expelled from the party’s resolution. In addition to Yang Wei, China and foreign countries, Fan Shiping and also refused to attend the forum in Hong Kong, and also in the forum of Chinese and foreign businessmen in the world of China and the Republic of china. The sponsor of the forum, "Hong Kong Culture Exchange Foundation Chairman Jiang Suhui said, Yang Weizhong was refused because adding" improper treatment before the Party committee itself is not suitable for identity; and the DPP Guo Zhengliang because earlier this month by becoming "legislators" refused, Fan Shiping is because of the earlier published an article in the pro green the "free times", said the support and sympathy for the newly elected Cai Yingwen. Jiang Suhui described the incident as Beijing issued a warning, is tightening cross-strait relations move, expected cross-strait relations will only be more nervous, the situation is not optimistic, "now even Hong Kong was also affected, that cross-strait relations has entered a difficult period". Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" 24 days mentioned, also invited Su Jinqiang to come to Hong kong. The event was rejected, the Taiwan Land Commission expressed concern and regret. The DPP legislators Wang Dingyu 24, said, in the past six or seven years, many members of the Pan Gang sign he often died, many years ago to protest the ARATS officials to visit Taiwan, results from.相关的主题文章: