The largest ship in the South China Sea National Army had 5 months traveled to Xisha 39 reef Sohu Mi-ca4111

The largest ship in the South China Sea National Army had 5 months traveled to Xisha 39 reef – Sohu Military Channel text with map: navigating the army comprehensive support ship GY280. According to WeChat, "CCTV public military report October 8th news, during the national day of Hainan Sansha garrison dispatched the army ship transportation security comprehensive security. According to CCTV News reported earlier, GY280 comprehensive support ship in November 2015 into the column, the maximum displacement of 2700 tons, is currently the largest displacement of active duty army ships. The following is the CCTV military reports "reported: blue sky, seagulls flying, little fishing fan, in general impression, Hainan Sansha is a place full of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. However, many people do not know, where high humidity, high salt, high heat, high radiation, traffic inconvenience, lack of fresh water, the typhoon raging. In that far from the mainland territory, despite the tough environment, but in the hearts of the troops guarding the island, sand is the most beautiful home. The vast expanse of water in the South China Sea, more than 2 thousand tons of comprehensive support ship UPS and downs. The National Day holiday, Sansha garrison political department director Hou Kun again from Haikou with the boat tour island. As the youngest city country, three Shashi governs the islands and surrounding waters of Paracel Islands, the Zhongsha Islands, Spratly Islands. Hou Kun said, to keep the sea must be familiar with the ocean, the establishment of the garrison at the beginning, he and his comrades for 5 months traveled to Xisha 39 beach island. After 17 hours of sailing, and finally arrived at the first destination – duck island. This is an area of only 0.01 square kilometers of curved hook Island, boarded the island, the most prominent is closely linked with the beach of the woods. Hou Kun told reporters that the island is the land of coral stone, no green vegetation, these trees are the local militia from the island to Sinotrans carefully cultivated soil. Today, there are already more than and 100 step trees in the island. South China sea climate is changeable, every year more than 8 months time wave height above 2 meters. On the way to the reporter Zhao narrates insular encountered big waves. The boat is like a boat, walk quickly on the churning waves, clothes soon to be flooded in the wet waves. Blue, blue, green, the color of the sea change, that we will be landing. Mount Zhao narrates insular morijima soldiers are seen, landing training. Keep the island is the ground for them, the festival is on combat readiness. In the area, there is a saying: three days seven days of heaven, earth, the ten day of hell. The choice of Sansha, which means the choice of alone stick, chose to sacrifice. Comprehensive protection of ship navigation monitor Ceng Guangzhou from a fleet arrived in Shandong now Sansha, his wife has been pregnant for nine months. Because of the subsequent security tasks, had been unable to go home to meet his son’s birth, as a quasi father, not good words he wanted to be born baby said the words written a letter. "Dear baby you know, after determining with you, dad for exciting two days and two nights, repeatedly dreamed you were born, my father holding you, you smile in front of my father, Dad smiled and looked at the sea, thinking of you.相关的主题文章: