The latest observation showed that Mars would dive in the valley of life livable (video) gigolos

The latest observation showed that Mars would dive in the valley of life livable as shown in the figure, the European Space Agency shows the latest observation, a lot of liquid surface of Mars Mawrth Valley in ancient times, there is the potential for livable life. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that at present, the European Space Agency released the latest Mars surface of a swirling Valley Photo, the valley was named "Mawrth Vallis (Mawrth Vallis)", the future is expected to become the "ExoMars 2020" Mars exploration program landing point. Mars Express orbiter captured Mawrth Vallis view image, showing around Mawrth valley of the 20500 square mile wide area, the surface structure can be analyzed in ancient times had liquid water erosion shaping the region surface. It is one of the largest valleys on the surface of Mars, and scientists say it could be habitable 3 billion 600 million years ago. Mawrth valley about 600 km in length, the depth of more than 1.6 kilometers, long ago, there was a lot of water, from the Northern Plains region to high altitude. These features are located in the lower right side of the image and the upper left corner. Mawrth Valley is located between the southern highlands and the northern lowlands, pointed out that the European Space Agency, there are a lot of material in the region of layered silicate. The light structure is weathering of clay minerals, suggesting that liquid water exists before. Volcano ash residues forming the black kwan’am structure may be preserved ancient clay layer in microbial activity. It is reported that this image is the "Mars Express high resolution image 9 photos and clips, and from the Mars Express orbiter observations of Mars surface since 2003, Mawrth Vallis is considered to be the most complicated structure of the surface of mars. Earlier this month, the latest observation showed that about 1 billion years ago the surface of Mars may exist in lakes and streams, the existence of time earlier than expected, suggesting that ancient Mars may livable life. (yo yo) ESA "Mars Express" takes you over Mars Canyon相关的主题文章: