The layout of the 2018 County mayoral election to be the first to pre – party divided Beijing whereisip

The layout of the 2018 County mayoral election to be the first to "pre – party" divided Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network September 15th to 2018 ahead of the layout of the island of Taiwan County mayoral election, KMT primaries will launch "Chinese". According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that such pre selection and do in every county and city, depending on the comprehensive assessment of the situation of the county, the fastest end of the road. However, the party is not the same as the new system will soon be on the road. According to reports, the KMT following the 2016 defeat, in Taiwan launched the reform party forum, grassroots and local cadres to advance the layout of municipal elections in 2018. To this end, the KMT Party Congress in September through the "development" and the party’s reform plan, in the party primary, primary system. According to the preliminary plan, encourage new rules to participate, in order to avoid resource inequality in qualifying, related activities can get the message, to participate in the party headquarters held a policy that will, in order to increase the exposure; in pre can also participate in a 4 poll at their own expense, party conduct, to understand the strength. Preselection system is not compulsory, if you do not participate in the primaries, also can directly participate in the party primaries, however, according to the preliminary plan, the future must participate in the pre primary polls comity 3 to 5 percentage points. The Group Chairman Zhang Yaping said in an interview that the primary system of non Taiwan counties do primaries, as each county comprehensive assessment is necessary to hold. For example, if the ruling counties, has won the consensus candidate, there is no need to do pre; if no one to choose these constituencies, such as Pingtung, have no meaning to do pre. He stressed that the pre selection process is the process of personnel training, through the system to find candidates, and candidates can be selected through the primaries, between factions. The later the candidate is, the less time to run in. As for the primary candidates, party sources, the current planning in the recommendation system, non registration system, by the cadre team leader of the above investigation, the proposed candidate, then launched a consultation and invited to participate, however, if the parties refused, not forced to participate in qualifying. However, for the upcoming implementation of the KMT primaries, but the party is different views. Participate in the Taipei mayoral election has said the KMT Taipei city councilor Zhong Xiaoping said that the KMT rule is non pre primary, primary out is not the final result, undefined status, or to enter the primaries, so why do pre? He does not support the primary. Zhong Xiaoping also said that anyone about this matter, is not respect the right to nominate the next party chairman, the new chairman of the nomination by the mayor should county in August next year, so "there’s no such thing as primary, should not do, do not want". Who participated in the KMT Taipei mayoral primaries before legislators Ding Shouzhong questioned the primaries for the couple is a tailor? As to whether or not to support the pre selected? He stressed that as long as the fairness and justice can be, do not have a preset position, he supports. The KMT Central Standing Committee Li Dewei believes that "the county mayor, can out of the election are big coffee, primary system should be used for county councilors, township representatives, chief election, selected more opportunities for young people).相关的主题文章: