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This magic space so magical family outings, with not much, space is full? Look at the back row space is quite big, but it is always just passable? Space was big enough, but it is too noisy? If your family has encountered such a problem, that you need a more excellent family car. It is also convenient, considerate, it smart, to meet the various needs, it also give you a quiet, comfortable, it has so called magic space, it is Changan auchan. Changan HOFEN magic space the magical 31, convenient storage space. Far more than the same level of 32 convenient storage space, orderly distribution in every corner of the car to Auchan, like a "mobile home", help you to carry the storage of small items are classified, fully embodies the humanized design. If you are a family of 7 to travel, so their intimate cup holder, storage box is very convenient, whether you are sitting in the main drive, copilot, or two rows, three rows, can readily put down your need to put items, the liberation of your hands, bring you convenience and comfort. Two, smart rear space. Not only have small items Auchan convenient storage space, but also in loading large object function and changeable combination of smart space back seat. Auchan after the two row seats can be overturned flat, so that the internal space depth of up to 2 meters, convenient for your family trip to store such as tent, mountain bike and other large objects objects; secondly, Auchan middle seat is 46 points, can be freely combined, can adjust the backrest angle to find an optimal posture. The overall design of the rear space Auchan, to meet you in the manned loading a variety of life needs. Three, comfortable mute space. There is a convenient small goods storage space and living space in the back, but also bring you a comfortable Auchan quiet space. Auchan car mute optimization is by the expert Dr. Pang Jian led the team to create elaborate, 6 key parts of 22 insulation materials, upgrading more than 20 wind noise, and idle noise is only 39 db. You will not be distracted by the car outside the car, you can enjoy listening to music, talk with your family, enjoy your family and good times. Changan HOFEN magic space is really so magical! Magic in the space to maximize the utilization of magic in the attention to every detail, also in the magical function of humanization fully. If you have that, if you want to have a space in this magical home 7 seat MPV, it may wish to participate in Changan HOFEN hundreds of vehicles and thousands of miles of the city, only 51 thousand and 900 – 64 thousand and 900 can buy 7 MPV your seat belongs to a household. Please consult the local business or concern Changan Auchan WeChat official.相关的主题文章: