The Mekong River action Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng love me tender exposing poison-ddrtys

"The Mekong River action" Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng exposing poison love me tender entertainment Tencent produced by the Bona film group, Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, Dante Lam directed, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong starring gangster action blockbuster "Mekong action" will be released in domestic theaters in September 30th. The recent release of a film version of the relationship between the characters to decrypt the story version of the trailer. Show affection, friendship and love in a hail of bullets hidden behind, played by Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng played just high narcotics captain Golden Triangle intelligence officer Fang Xinwu the two heroes in their own life in the tender side touching. At the same time, the film side also announced a "villain" poster for the first time opened Golden Triangle sinister "poison", officially locked behind, which is also to be the start of the "Mekong action" of the war more tension. Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng brought the gun traffickers "action" the profound friendship of the Mekong River released "plot" Version trailer officially released Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng’s character in the story behind the drug. From the trailer can be learned, Zhang Hanyu played captain Gao Gang will have a drug to send yourself a "sell adorable" video on his lovely daughter to battle on the occasion, Golden Triangle intelligence officer Eddie Peng plays Fang Xinwu, feelings of the line is not so lenient: he loved his girlfriend because of careless drug drug traffickers the end of abuse, in order not to drag her boyfriend and choose death, this is also determined to make party Xinwu biggest cause of life to fight against drug crime. They are burdened with the national mission to Golden Triangle for drug traffickers, "the man" but also a loving father and a boyfriend, such as to make their role more real, more touching. Director Lin Chaoxian said, "take the Mekong River action" there are two things at all costs to be true, one is to reproduce the whole process of the parties to fully cooperate with the investigation of the case, the other thing is to show Narcs unknown feelings in the world. "With the rest of the police anti narcotics police are not the same, they have long hidden their identity, the interview can not appear, the slightest mistake will be drug traffickers to revenge on his family head, they are obedient son, is loving parents, the same is true to life and our people, every day they live in darkness, is in order to allow more people to stay away from drugs, live in the sun. So as a director, I hope that through this movie to tell you that their pay is meaningful, will not be ignored and forgotten." Golden Triangle "poison" king of the plain to the world anti drug team unity behind the break in order to allow the audience to poison the net full understanding of the "Mekong River action", the film side not only in poster form interpretation in Golden Triangle "poison king" of "waxy card" criminal gang led by the internal structure and member information, more released a set of stills to give the audience a chance to fight drug traffickers "zhizuijinmi" wicked life. All the characters with "Mekong major" in the real criminals as the prototype of this film is more adapted from a true case of looking forward to the movie. In the huge sticky card Gang, poison King glutinous card is one of the major leaders of Golden Triangle. Although he is still holding the ancestral home Burma, Thailand and Laos and other countries.相关的主题文章: