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The Ministry of Commerce has made the preliminary dumping stainless steel strip expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Commerce Trade Remedy Investigation Bureau on the American release of China stainless steel strip preliminary anti-dumping speaking in Washington on September 12th to the United States, the U.S. Department of Commerce made the preliminary anti-dumping investigation on the origin of stainless steel plate and strip China, identified Chinese enterprise anti-dumping tax rate of 63.86%-76.64%. The head of the trade remedy Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce spoke on this issue. The person in charge said that in the case of forced response and other responding enterprises actively cooperate with the investigation, the United States investigation authorities refused to appeal for various reasons and submit evidence, tax cuts, trade protectionism is very obvious color. Chinese iron and steel enterprises are strongly dissatisfied with the practice of the United States, and the Chinese government will take all necessary measures to safeguard the interests of enterprises. The official pointed out that the United States in the request of other countries to open the market, eliminate trade barriers at the same time, again and again by trade remedy investigation closed its domestic market, to provide excessive protection for American steel enterprises. China expresses great concern for this practice. China urged the United States to abide by in the group of twenty (G20) summit in Hangzhou to oppose any form of trade and investment protectionism, the implementation of the leaders of the two countries’ consensus to effectively control differences and deepen the Sino US economic and trade relations ", to play a positive role in improving the overall environment of global trade. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

商务部对美国作出不锈钢板带材倾销初裁表示强烈不满   商务部贸易救济调查局负责人就美国发布对华不锈钢板带材倾销初裁发表谈话   美国华盛顿时间9月12日,美国商务部对原产于中国的不锈钢板带材作出倾销调查初裁,认定中国企业反倾销税率为63.86%-76.64%。商务部贸易救济调查局负责人就此发表谈话。   该负责人表示,在本案强制应诉和其他应诉企业积极配合调查的情况下,美调查机关以各种理由拒绝企业诉求和提交的证据,裁出高税,贸易保护主义色彩十分明显。中国钢铁企业对美方做法强烈不满,中国政府将采取一切必要措施,维护企业利益。   该负责人指出,美国在要求其他国家开放市场、消除贸易壁垒的同时,一次次借贸易救济调查封闭其国内市场,为美国钢企提供过度保护。中方对此做法表示严重关注。中方敦促美方恪守在二十国集团(G20)杭州峰会做出的反对任何形式的贸易和投资保护主义的承诺,落实中美两国领导人“有效管控分歧、加深中美经贸关系”的共识,为改善全球整体贸易环境发挥积极作用。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: