The Ministry of Education announced the reform program in Hangzhou, the biggest impact on

The Ministry of Education announced the senior high school entrance examination reform program is the biggest influence on the students in Hangzhou senior high school entrance examination to test "4+X", students can choose the subjects of junior middle school students enrollment in September next year, the first part of the two days, the Ministry of Education announced the details of the senior high school entrance examination reform has aroused much attention. But for Hangzhou’s parents, can be more calm, because many of the senior high school entrance examination reform content of Hangzhou has been done. The reform set a number of goals – such as the future of junior high school and high school entrance examination will be two exams in one, merged into the junior high school level test, to achieve a multi test to reduce the number of students preparing for the burden. In Hangzhou junior high school or high school, as long as a junior high school entrance examination (that is, the examination) can be. Comprehensive quality evaluation, strict control bonus items, Hangzhou has been implemented for some time. Hangzhou parents are most concerned about, is the senior high school entrance examination into "4+X", Chinese, mathematics, English, sports four subjects compulsory, students choose from other subjects. This door X how to choose, how to learn, which is the most influential in the reform of the examination of Hangzhou students. Reform next year, that is, in September 2017 to enter the first year of junior high school students were the first to be affected, they are now in primary school grade six. Yesterday, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of education official said, will seriously study the spirit of the document, according to the actual formulation of reform programs in Zhejiang, to the public. Test to test 4+X students can choose to take a look at the contents of the reform. In the Chinese language, mathematics, foreign language three basic admission scoring subjects, sports disciplines will also be included in the admission scoring subjects. At the same time, the pilot areas according to the principle of moderation, and simultaneously the burden, determine other admission score subjects, prevent group partial section. National curriculum programs set by the subjects are included in the scope of academic proficiency test, but do not seek to include all subjects admitted scoring subjects. Under the premise of each course, give students the right to choose the right to develop students’ strengths. This means that students can choose in addition to language, mathematics, foreign languages, sports and other admission scoring subjects. However, not only the arts or science subjects only need, and simultaneously. For other subjects that do not have a choice, you need to pass the exam. This direction, and Hangzhou in recent years to adjust the direction of the policy is consistent. At that time the policy began in 2017, the Hangzhou City senior high school entrance examination out from 570 points to 600 points, the science score of 180 points out of 160 points adjusted, ideological history and social studies are also included in the total score according to a certain proportion, in particular by Juanmian score of 50%. As a result, all subjects have been exposed to high school to do a good job after 7 election 3." A key high school principal said. In addition, the reform of regulations on the contents of the test, after the reform of the senior high school entrance examination exam will reduce the simple nature of the contents of memory, mechanical training, to test students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, enhance the spirit of innovation and ability of students. Comprehensive quality evaluation to recruit students in the role of the reform clearly requires the pilot area will be integrated quality evaluation as a high school recruit相关的主题文章: