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The National Day Holiday Insurance featured news review Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The insurance featured news review Ampang’s $6 billion 500 million acquisition of Coronado Hotel near Ampang insurance group Limited by Share Ltd has completed the acquisition of Strategic Hotels & $6 billion 500 million; most of the work of Resorts. According to people familiar with the deal, the insurance company bought 15 of Strategic16’s property. Moodie: the first half of the life insurance company solvency declined or universal insurance rating agencies as the main cause of Moodie’s recently released "on the two generation of compensation system China various insurance companies in the first half of the solvency report" pointed out that the first half of the life insurance company as the new business growth, the stock market correction and evaluation of lower interest rates to increase reserves, so pay capacity adequacy ratio generally decreased. CIRC reminder: prevent criminals posing as telecommunications fraud insurance regulators CIRC insurance to protect the interests of consumers is that the insurance regulatory duty, in addition to handling complaints, complaints and reports to the insurance consumer protection, insurance regulators will not target specific insurance business and insurance consumers to communicate more, does not require the transfer to the capital of. Venture capital into rail transit PPP project is the first single flowers of Pacific Insurance in August 1, 2016 the formal implementation of the "indirect investment of insurance funds in infrastructure project management approach" clearly, the insurance funds can indirectly invest in infrastructure projects, while participating in PPP project investment. Hohhot Rail Transit Line 1 appeared in the venture capital figure, the CIRC is the first in 2016 after the introduction of the first venture capital second. Nanjing residents insured Medicare funding criteria for 8 years the highest reported 360 thousand Nanjing and Social Council and the Nanjing Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued a notice, the 2017 annual adjustment of urban resident basic medical insurance financing standard, involving four people, elderly residents, residents of other financing standard, children of students, students, respectively to 900 yuan / year 960 yuan, 630 yuan, year, year, 600 yuan / person, year, part of the increase shall be borne by the financial subsidies. In addition, prospective newborns can also participate in health insurance. Nanjing insurance edition to the housing endowment will be the fastest end of the year is expected to break the ice housing reverse mortgage endowment insurance is known as the insurance edition to the housing endowment". Simply put, that is, the elderly will be mortgaged to the insurance company, the monthly access to a certain amount of pension, during which the elderly can still live in their own house. But after death, the right to dispose of the house to the insurance company. Since the people’s Insurance Department of the core management of earthquake have left for Naban senior players in recent months, people’s insurance department executives have left, in addition to Li Yuquan, the people’s Insurance Group Executive Director Zhuang Chaoying, non executive director Li Fang, vice president of PICC Life Lan Yadong, chief investment officer Han Mingshan and Paul Dong on capital相关的主题文章: