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The Ritual – on the edge of the Ganges RIver Sohu never cease travel every night they are regardless of wind and rain in the river the altar solemn chanting waving hands of the flame to the river this tribute legend, uninterrupted ceremony has lasted for hundreds of years’ prayer visitors every night together in this constant river with different mood in a continuation of the history of language and picture is not sufficient to describe this wonderful moment only you sit by the river and the people sing only the soul of the perception of Ganges RIver is located in the middle reaches of Varanasi, is believed to be the oldest and most holy city of India, is a Hindu shrine. The people of this place revere Ganges RIver, and when the night falls, people get on the boat, come to the altar on the edge of Ganges RIver, and pray with the priests to express their respect for Ganges RIver. Varanasi (???????), also known as Benares, Hindu, a famous historical city. India is located in the southeastern state of Uttar Pradesh, is located on the left bank in the middle reaches of Ganges RIver crescent meandering segment, has a population of 1 million, the city has more than 1500 kinds of temples. The main beach, India places of historic interest and scenic beauty: Ganges RIver Golden Temple, Durga temple, India temple, the mother of King Rama temple, Benares University of India, new India Golden Temple, Lin Na Geerbao. The streets and lanes near the bank to establish a symbol of God everywhere, column of Shiva (called " ", Linga; namely, male genitalia) for the worship of Hindus in India. In addition, the Sakya Mou Nichu Zhuan deer park near Varanasi, the two Imam Jain was born in the vicinity, the city has become an important place of Hinduism, Buddhism, jainism. After the ceremony, people around the flame of blessing, my daughter and I also feel with more content you can click on the bottom of the blue title in Varanasi, when crossing the road to a brave heart these years drove to the place (driving), Pakistan beauty why I was 30 years old I started to travel and Rong Zhuang it can be said of the story on the cliff white town, beautiful to elope. More attention to my WeChat public number: "BUENSA03"", or "take pictures of the Arab Israeli" also hope that you can focus on my newly published book. The book recorded my daughter from the age of 3 with her daughter to travel with the knowledge and feeling. Take a train, ship, aircraft, for the 3 year old child, can be said to be a masochistic travel. The book reviews the journey of knowledge and the child’s growth, both a father and daughter travel diary, but also from a 3 year old daughter to a growing history of the age of 7. On the journey, I and the children.相关的主题文章: