The new diagram in January the implementation of Nanjing to Kunming to hold an additional two pairs

The new diagram in January the implementation of Nanjing to Kunming to hold an additional two pairs of high-speed rail in November 22nd, modern express reporter learned from the Shanghai Railway Bureau, from January 5th next year, the national railway will implement a new train diagram. Shanghai Railway Bureau will add 11 pairs of passenger cars, of which, the Yangtze River Delta to Kunming CDB high-speed rail for the 7, Nanjing accounted for about two pairs. Thus, the bureau plans to open a total of 898 pairs of passenger trains, including EMU trains on the 633, the new operating chart of the passenger car to re record high. Benefit from the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail segment Guikun opened, the transfer plan is the biggest bright spot, the Yangtze River Delta to Kunming will open 7 pairs of high-speed rail, which added 2 open, extended running section 5 of. Since then, the Yangtze River Delta region to Kunming will open direct high-speed rail and the original general speed line speed to 3 days of high iron day. From Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou to run time will be from the original speed line 35 hours and 34 minutes, 35 hours, 23 minutes, 33 hours, 15 minutes to shorten to 10 hours, 36 minutes, 12 hours, 47 minutes, about 47 hours or so. According to the Shanghai Railway Bureau, 7 of the Gao Tiezhong delta to Kunming train, on the bus to open the 2: Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming South G1375 G1374 1 on, the Shanghai Kunming high-speed line operation; Nanjing South – Kunming South G1379 G1380 1 on the high-speed line, the Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway, Shanghai Kunming operation. 5 pairs of passenger trains running section for extension: Ji’nan West – Guiyang North G285 G286 1 on the extension to Ji’nan West – Kunming South – Hongqiao Shanghai; Huaihua South G1371 G1376 1 on the Shanghai Hongqiao – Kunming extends to the South; Shanghai Hongqiao – Changsha South G1343 G1358 1 on Shanghai Hongqiao extends to the south of Kunming, at the same time trips to G1373 G1372 times; Nanjing South – Guiyang North G1325 times 0.5 extension of South Nanjing – South Kunming; Guiyang North – Shanghai Hongqiao G1324 0.5 on extending south Kunming – Nanjing South G1325 G1324 trips to G1377 G1378 times; Hangzhou East – Huaihua South G1421 G1422 1 on the extension of Hangzhou South East Kunming. According to reports, the date of the implementation of the new plan does not mean that the Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail Guiyang Kunming section of the opening date, the specific opening date issued separately. (Xu Wenfeng Liu Weijuan) Jin Wen link line, Ning’an passenger dedicated optimize the operation to meet the demand for passenger travel, according to passenger travel rules, Wenzhou passenger dedicated line, Ning an optimization operation. Jin Wen line to add 2 of the high-speed rail: Nanjing South – Cangnan G7641 G76 42 to 1, the Nanjing Hangzhou, Shanghai Kunming high-speed line, Wenzhou line operation; Hangzhou East – Cangnan G7345 G73 46 to 1, the Shanghai Kunming high-speed line, Wenzhou line operation; at the same time, the Shanghai Hongqiao – Wenzhou G9301 G9302 south peak line 1 of the daily operation, trips to G7325 G7326 times. Ning’an Passenger Dedicated Line train 3 also increased peak of Hefei South – Anqing: G9501 2, G9503 4, G9505 6 to 3, and.相关的主题文章: