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The official to bullying sword! Student crime severely punish abetting – Sohu news Beijing Beijing in November 12,   group, abuse, nude pictures, the threat of a knife…… In recent years, the frequent occurrence of campus bullying incidents of social concern. In view of this phenomenon, since May this year, the State Council to deploy bullying special treatment recently, the official once again to the phenomenon of "sword", the participating departments more strict control measures, the popular media attention. Data chart. The report Chinese education Zhuo Zhongwei photo to bullying "sword" — the nine departments jointly issued the regulation scheme in Beijing in April this year released "(2016)" the investigation has pointed out that the occurrence of bullying in recent years, a wide range of areas, covering the vast majority of provinces, the frequency of intensive, large number of. According to media statistics, in the first half of this year, the country was exposed by the media, the public concern over the campus violence as many as 20. In response to the growing phenomenon of bullying on campus, the official on the campus bullying prevention and control of the combination of boxing, including three aspects of the 11 initiatives, covering the prevention, treatment and long-term prevention and control of the deployment. In order to multi sectoral collaboration, called the "guidance" on students’ prevention of bullying and violence of the document, issued jointly by the nine departments, in addition to the Ministry of education, including the central comprehensive management office, the supreme law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of civil affairs, Ministry of justice, and the central chapters of the National Women’s federation. In fact, as early as the first half of May 9th, the steering committee, the State Office of education has issued the "notice" on the special treatment of bullying, urged all localities to launch a special treatment for a period of 9 months for bullying violence, the media also called for the national level for the first time for bullying sword". Data chart. Cui Lin taken to the school "inhibition" — and improve emergency plans to forbid students carrying knives into the Department issued nine initiatives, requires schools to develop students’ bullying and violence prevention work system, will be incorporated into the school security work into consideration and perfect the emergency plan, the establishment of early warning and treatment and after intervention the mechanism. "Pay special attention to students with learning achievement, suddenly fell in a trance, abnormal emotion, absenteeism and other abnormal manifestations and causes of potential bullying and violence to achieve early discovery, early prevention and control". The "guidance" also proposed to strictly implement the duty, inspection system, students are prohibited from carrying knives and other dangerous goods into school, for students, focus on key areas, focusing on the period to carry out prevention and control work. Data chart. CFP visual China around the campus is more focus on issues surrounding the school — a police room or a security booth many bullying is not happening on campus, the school is more frequent around this kind of incident. In the official hit the combination of boxing, strengthen the campus surrounding governance initiatives are important. "Guidance" to further strengthen the campus and the surrounding areas of public order prevention and control system, as a public security video surveillance network construction demonstration work.相关的主题文章: