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The Olympic Games will be the people of India collapsed public opinion support athletics sports   officials – spray Sohu; Beijing time on September 9th, at the Rio Olympic Games women’s marathon game, the India players arrived at the end point after Jia Elson collapsed, triggered a strong concern to the outside world. Although India has accused Jia isa to declare, but public opinion or fall out of thin air, this side of the athletes. The 33 year old Jia Yu to the results of the Olympic Games in the women’s marathon of the Olympic Games in the past 2 hours, 47 minutes and 19 seconds, after passing the finish line, she fainted in the field, causing the attention of the outside world. In an interview with the India news agency interview, Jia Elson said: "I feel dead, after the start of the race is only 8 kilometers to the Olympic Games Organizing Committee to provide water, but it has no meaning at all." Then, to respond to India, said Jia Isabel is out of thin air. Officials explained that the reason why not set up the water station on the side of the track, because Gu ISA and her teammates said he did not need to provide special fitness supplies. India this argument has also been confirmed by Jia’s teammates. According to the rules, if the player does not have any special physical fitness items to provide, the National Association can not provide supplies on both sides of the track. Although each one sticks to his argument still tend to be more public, but Jia isa side, India media also blasted the Athletics Federation, said verbally reprimanded Jia Isabel Vijay – koal only using the Olympic opportunity to hype the personal fame, without regard for the interests of the players and die, it is the responsibility of the Rio Olympic Organizing Committee’s "rude Siegel": "he is always busy pulling after the game was very tired of the players to play the self timer." Netizens are reprimanded, India athletes were disguised abuse". (Alse)相关的主题文章: