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The original parity and a small minority of bag is an authentic British blood flow lead: now Zhou Zheng be in full swing of London fashion, the world of fashion trendsetter and from New York flocked to London, then we talk about the topic, what good-looking and affordable thousand bag body can flow with authentic British blood. (Editor: @philtre) authentic British mentioned fan, first think of the brand will be who? Burberry, Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Mcqueen… In addition to these expensive "sweetheart", to Amway several British brand bags you don’t know today, not only the most good-looking, the price is also very good. Price is really good 1. LuLu Guinness mentioned LuLu Guinness, we are most likely to think of the home is his lips bag, has become a favorite star on the red carpet. In addition to the true shape of the mouth of the bag, LuLu Guinness will put the elements of the lips into a variety of shapes in the bag. LuLu Guinness LuLu Guinness LuLu Guinness lip bag but the lips stuck in ended in 2014, after the LuLu Guinness and the emergence of many other elements, such as lipstick, finger, doll face, this design is consistent with the British fashion circles a powerful and unconstrained style ideas, with a little rock and small sweet feeling, very suitable for cool and a little girl heart girl. Lulu Guinness lipstick hand bag Lulu bag Lulu Guinness Guinness finger baby face bag pose must not long ago, LuLu Guinness is also playing abstract art, to pay tribute to Sonia Delaunay, the cat s out of the bag "series of products, other kinds of strange black bag addictive. LuLu Guinness cat bag Kitty bag 2. Strathberry of Scotland said a stick to go the world’s bag in addition to M2Malletier, as well as from the UK’s Strathberry of Scotland is also a recent super fire. It design and M2Malletier have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, there is an iron bar as a handle, but higher than the M2Malletier Strathberry of Scotland cold, either the design or the price is more down to earth some. Strathberry of Scotland bag Strathberry Scotland bag Strathberry Scotland of simple, no M2Mallet of.相关的主题文章: