The original security captain of the two set fire to the car was dismissed heart resentment (Figure)

The original security captain two arson burned car: dismissed heart resentment (Figure) – Beijing, China appeared in the area near the big east (video screenshot) Shanghai Chang Park residential owners Mr. Qi went to the cell of the underground garage, ready to drive to work, found the car windows smashed the car burned bad. A mess! He saw in the surveillance video of the property, at 1 pm, a man going to his car, after a stay away, then the car out of the white smoke! 3 days later, the shadows again in the District, will lead to a business car light, car business. In September 27th, Dadong police announced that uncovered two cases of arson suspects captured in china. Upon review, the reason for a deliberate arson is actually want to revenge the property company! Within 4 days of the two vehicles burned police received alarm Dadong Mr. Qi, immediately rushed to the scene investigation. Mr. Qi said, this car he bought less than half a year, and spent a total of more than 90 yuan. "I bought the car insurance, but the insurance company said that this is a man-made damage, not within the scope of insurance." Mr. Qi very depressed. September 7th at 3 am, a small area near the building of a business car suddenly caught fire burning in the vicinity of 6! After the fire was extinguished, the business car burned seriously, has been scrapped. Owner Mr. Gao said: the front wheel was burned the most serious, the fire must be from here to burn up, there must be someone deliberately arson." Many people suspect that the two arson cases should be one person. Two owners said they did not know each other, recently there was no what enemies don’t think who is arson. "This dog who do things?" We have to guess. Video monitoring and investigation of the suspects arson incident early in the first time, Dadong Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade police intervened in the investigation. But the video failed to clearly show the physical characteristics of the garage arson, no other information is available about the suspects. While the police were stranded, second cases of arson occurred. The two time of committing the crime is the early morning, the modus operandi is also similar, is a person? Police in the vicinity of the incident area visited the survey found that two arson incident, a man appeared in the vicinity of the district. Police found the man after a small nearby, deliberately avoided the small camera detour to walk. Police judge, the man has a major suspect! "This is not a few days ago was expelled from China?" Police asked the suspect to the security of the property of the case, the security guards who recognize it. Originally, China was the district security chief, in September 1st, China because of a scheduling problem with another security dispute and physical conflict, was dismissed by the property, the security companies out of position. It is reported that a very dissatisfied with the results of treatment, and threatened retaliation. September 10th, police investigators will be arrested. Suspect: in retaliation for the night to residential arson after the examination, a suspect China of the burning car arson confessed to the crime. A 57 year old this year, divorced his wife about 10 years ago, living alone in the neighborhood. game相关的主题文章: