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The people’s daily observation: pick up the opera sanmeizhenhuo "- View – comic Xu Pengfei the current drama market significantly warmer, the reason cannot do without the communication of traditional culture, warming policy and funding" double protection "and other elements of the past two years, the drama market showing the obvious signs of recovery. According to statistics, last year the national opera performances and the audience rose over 7%, hit a new high of nearly five years; consolidation and inheritance of traditional opera works seriously, the number of new work increased significantly; tickets are instantly "seckill", opera box office record in the past two years, the opera market is not rare. How long time no drama market is so big change? Perhaps, from the blazing "sanmeizhenhuo" can glimpse one or two. Real feelings, traditional culture temperature. In recent years, due to policy guidance and ordinary people spontaneous enthusiasm, "traditional culture" has become a "hot words" — the traditional culture is the source of nutrition of opera art, the former was generally accepted by the society, will boost the spread of. Money, money, "double security policy". Many opera troupes have experienced "people have no money to play the game row, row, rehearse no money, no one acting" dilemma. In recent years, with the government’s vigorously support the development of opera related policies in parallel, financial support is sufficient: to cultivate talents from the repertoire of construction, from the big drama to go hand in hand the local opera, real money industry to resolve the sorrow of death, let people dare to play games to opera. Especially the national government and local funds art art development projects, ranging from actor training, school tradition, script writing, drama stage to theoretical research, reviews and sound stage clothing tract and other aspects of personnel training, support a wide range of personnel and benefit many works not only for the cultivation of There was no parallel in history., right now the opera create talent, more reserve strength for the long-term development of. It is worth mentioning that, at the same time, the government also encourages and guides the support of social forces to the opera, so as to promote the marriage of opera and the market. Good, artist neiwaijianxiu. Policy and financial support is the external "blood transfusion", the key to the development of opera is to strengthen the hematopoietic function". Opera performing artist Shang Changrong said: "opera people are not archaeologists, opera is not Oracle, Terracotta Army, but not Mawangdui." Now, is no longer the "age is not afraid of deep alley", the opera presented inside and outside requirements. In recent years, opera talent training and training plan of many forms, focus on four five and lay a solid foundation for strengthening the traditional opera accumulation, and increase the proportion of drama theory and culture course. At the same time, along with the popularity of new media, traditional opera communication and making innovation, which requires the producers will not only play the play, but also will "say" play, "teaching" and "play" play, actively expand the "external  ". Opera people have the opportunity to meet a good era. In the face of the art form and mode of transmission of the variety, the drama itself should be timely cultural introspection and positive cultural consciousness, not only lie in the history of the book)相关的主题文章: