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The pound does not have the depth of the decline in the condition of contemporary financial Sohu comments strong plus leverage arbitrage characteristics, has made any direct indirect wind blow to leveraging crazy arbitrage excuse. In early October 7th, GBPUSD suddenly collapse, plunge more than 600 points, the lowest intraday breakdown of the 1.20 integer mark, as of closing down 1.5%. In this regard, the real convincing explanation may be financial arbitrage. A view of market tendency that the panic event occurred mainly due to two factors, one is the new British Prime Minister Teresa Mei? "Hard off Europe" tendency, two in the U.S. initial jobless claims hit a record low. However, as long as the rational analysis, we will find that Teresa Mei? "Hard off Europe" tendency, is in fact more geopolitical game level; and after the initial jobless claims hit a record low, the dollar index rose sharply is normal, corresponding is almost all of his country’s currency however, the euro exchange rate fell, but rose, so the GBPUSD fell flash collapse type is mainly attributed to the United States also the lack of convincing. The real reason is probably not from the periphery of the market, and the financial market itself, the specific reason can be two, or an "fat finger" event, in which traders operating errors and panic downwards is triggered, or focus on short Sterling arbitrage financial strength intend to. The latter possibility is not less than the former. From the economic fundamentals, the pound does not have the conditions of deep down. Britain’s economy in the long term should be positive for the British economy, after the removal of Europe, the United Kingdom will only increase the cost of local trade in europe. Europe, including the UK, the current, and for some time to come, the biggest economic risk is not the economy itself, but the immigration problem. From this perspective, the UK and other European countries are consistent with the economic risks, and should not be treated differently. Britain’s economic advantage is even stronger than the euro zone. Compared to the euro area, the fundamentals of the British economy and industrial development pattern, has a strong advantage. In the past three years in terms of economic growth, from 2013 to 2015 three years, the growth rate of GDP were 1.7%, 2.8%, 1.9% over the same period, the euro zone is -0.4%, 0.9% and 1.6%, the latter is inferior to the former; from the industry point of view, the cultural innovation industry and modern financial services industry have considerable strength. Especially the financial radiation effects in London and New York, and even the profound advantages of racing together bridle to bridle, and was attenuated by a short time can not. From a historical trend of pound, in the last 8 years, the pound against the dollar appeared two times of the bottom of the inflection point, one in July 2013, GBPUSD reached 1.4812, another in February 2016, GBPUSD reached 1.3835 in the UK and Europe before the outbreak, has risen to 1.5018, the highest if this is not off the European black swan event should be said that the pound has increased access into structural, more difficult to imagine there will be flash crash. Sterling against the dollar is reversible相关的主题文章: