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The real version of the "Sichuan sky Zhao Zilong": a man shot down 8 enemy aircraft – Beijing "ace" joy to jean. (map) Chengdu municipal archives provide the enemy aircraft recognition feature map. During the war of resistance against Japan, the Chinese air force in the end is what kind of, whether there is a hero like Zhao Zilong? For the reduction of Chengdu during the Anti Japanese War aviation, air defense of the real situation, the day before, the Chengdu Municipal Archives released three copies of the "US Japan Soviet aircraft identification map" of the air defense literature. At the same time, the various search and check collection, a real version of "the Zhao Zilong" was also announced. Chengdu City Archives researcher Ji Yong said, although during the Anti Japanese War Chinese air force is weak, but also a lot of joy to Jean like air like a hero. The air force has been China surviving veterans in September 3rd 7 in the morning, Chengdu Longquanyi District, a nursing home, 92 year old veteran Liao Junyi got up very early. As a former Air Force fighter, in such a special day, he talked about the blue sky years of war and sacrifice comrades. "I was abandoned in 1941 to join the army, to the Chengdu Lantau Peak air force bombing Corps shooting training class." Liao Junyi said that the shooting training corps located in Lantau Peak airport, similar to the short-term intensive training course, "frontline combat personnel attrition quickly, need to supplement the aircrew rear." Six months later, he was assigned to the first battalion of the air force, as the bomber machine gunner. Liao Junyi clearly remember, to participate in the first half of the air force, he launched a total of 5 times, the first time to go to the bombing of the Japanese army, once in Zhejiang, Nanxi, Hubei is the first time, the two is in the front line of the. The fifth is with the captain single night, full of bullets and medicine, Fiat, guerrilla troops dropped supplies to Henan area." According to the previous video said, in 1940 China air force has all. Liao Junyi waved his hand and said, as he entered the class before, has had a plane, "Lantau Peak, Huangtianba these places, but relatively few, but the air force has been Chinese." Most of the aircraft published in the literature from abroad in September 2nd, the Chengdu Municipal Archives released three special documents in the United States, the Soviet Union and Japan in 1938 and in 1943. Among them, the 1938 "enemy aircraft recognition" has yellowed old, but the enemy aircraft features above column label, is still very clear. The recognition on the map, divided into the identification and classification of the enemy planes, light bombers and heavy bombers, there are not only specific text interpretation, and each of the corresponding plane. "This is mainly the use of air defense forces in Chengdu." Chengdu City Archives researcher Ji Yong introduction, the figure from the time of the air force headquarters of the one or two families, "then some models, models as well as how to identify, make clear and concise." The other two in 1943, the identification of the map, then a detailed explanation of the Soviet Union aircraft, the United States aircraft models, as well as the characteristics of each aircraft. There are American B 25 cold and medium bomber, P night fighter, C 46 transport aircraft, as well as the Soviet Union’s aid to the IC 2 attack bombers, YAK9 fighters for相关的主题文章: