The reclusive deep in the West Lake road – tourism Sohu seeking incense xpphone

West Lake road – deep pursuit of reclusive incense to the Sohu of tourism friends circle of friends have such a description: a lot of people come to Hangzhou to know the broken bridge, Lei Feng tower, Hefangjie Street. You know in the west of West Lake there is such a pure place, from yanggongdi to Maojiabu a particularly beautiful scenery, few people can enjoy the beautiful scenery. This is a journey of water, this is a popular literary Wizard of Oz to dust. A telephone call on Sunday has aroused our friends of the green travel, 35 friends visit incense road. Purely for fun, deliberately took only a cell phone to go out, all the photos are iPhone mobile phone shooting. ? the waters attached a swamp covered in gray Heron nest old, Buddhism in Hangzhou has been famous, Hangjiahu area of the pilgrims to India and pray, mostly to the boat. They insisted on a boat to Hangzhou, along the river by the doors Genshan shaking in West Lake; then, landing in maojiabu. Another way to Lingyin Temple to buddha. A ship? Through the layers of ripples if the land came to the Hangzhou pilgrims, in the lakeside hired boat, all the way down to maojiabu. The boat dock, people saw the West look, Tianzhu Mountain in Shuangfeng was cut, "Tianmen", know the Buddhist holy in front, to burn incense to worship, kneel, and murmuring, to Buddha’s sincerity. Late? Dike, pavilion, flower, shadow how harmonious scene until the last century to 40s, from the opening of the lake Lingyin Road, people took a bus to Lingyin Temple, bus 7 road has become one of the most congested lines of hangzhou. This "incense road" gradually subsided, and gradually disappeared in people’s sight. A peach tree? A pool of clear water? A pavilion bridge is a road cycling scene after Guo Zhuang on the edge of the Wolong bridge, there is a small boardwalk yanggongdi on the west side of the sidewalk, will see the words "incense road" related allusions to the board. Walk along the road, one step at a time! The man is not tired. ? flowers are in full bloom, to attract tourists to stay in West Lake? Lou Wailou Restaurant fisherman fish they caught from West Lake? A West Lake scenery painting Maojiabu is a village, it is named after the village quay full of grass, if by land to calculate the Maojiabu is the starting point of incense road. The village is a bustling metropolis, is also due to the lake by boat from the pilgrims, usually choose to eat a bowl of vegetarian in Maojiabu, buy Incense, when they look to the west, could see the distant Shuangfeng Tianzhu cut, like "Tianmen", in the eyes of buddha. From here, the past along the way is the temple, and the dining hall shops, even beggars gathered in the road along the line. Now in the village built a stone archway, one side of a poetic couplet Maojiabu richly endowed by nature geographical position: "the temple in the distance and Tianzhu Tianzhu, looking back in six even outside the six causeway". ? Maojiabu famous stone beach fishing? Tadpoles boy come to play not many Maojiabu more now is the depth of tourists and Hangzhou local weekend leisure vacation, there is.相关的主题文章: