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The Russian Foreign Minister had denounced the beauty of hatred of Russia and direct aggression " " have patience too long – Sohu Military Channel Moscow on October 9th news, the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov accused the United States to take aggressive action, Russia national interests and a threat to Russia’s security. Lavrov day in the Russian first channel TV broadcast of the program that the relationship between Russia and the United States has undergone fundamental changes, and now the United States on the basis of Russian policy is hatred of russia. The United States not only published remarks against Russia and Russia, but also to take direct impact on Russia’s national interests, the Russian security posed a threat to the aggressive action, Russia has long been a manifestation of the u.s.". Lavrov said, on the whole, Western leaders began more negative attitude towards Russia, while some western countries are allowed to publish insulting remarks to Russian President Putin, even the game "who is more than". Turning to the situation in Syria, Lavrov hope that the United States to support those who fight against the Syria government forces, the head of calm down, in the proper way to assess all possible risks. Recently, further deterioration of relations between Russia and the United states. In October 3rd Putin signed a decree, in view of the United States to take a series of unfriendly move to Russia, Russia signed in 2000 to suspend the performance of Russia and the United States to cut weapons grade plutonium plutonium "management and disposal agreement". But Moscow Kremlin also said that if Washington cut some NATO countries in the United States military facilities and troops and meet other conditions, it is possible to resume the implementation of this agreement. The United States on October 3rd announced the suspension of negotiations with Russia on the issue of the ceasefire in Syria, while the use of the Russian side to jointly fight against terrorists military plan. Russia said the move is to the United States will be responsible for the deterioration of the situation in Syria to Russia, the Syria issue will be more difficult to solve. According to the Washington Post reported on October 4th, the U.S. government is studying the Syrian army limited military strikes. In this regard, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that if the United States launched a direct attack on the Syrian army, will bring disastrous consequences".相关的主题文章: