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The Shenzhou spacecraft giant parachute unveiled at the Zhuhai airshow – China news agency new network in November 2 Zhuhai Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) on China Shenzhou spacecraft recovery parachute system is the Eleventh China international aviation and aerospace exhibition. 2 experts on China News Agency reporter said, "a space parachute", has been applied to the people’s livelihood. The display of large parachute area of 1200 square meters, the spread is the equivalent of 3 the size of a basketball court, the parachute after stitching up to 4.4 km. The umbrella by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation responsible for the development of five 508. This umbrella is made up of more than 7 thousand parts, which is the largest and most complicated system in china." Five Shenzhou Aerospace Science and technology group deputy chief designer Rong Wei said. The parachute system is an important aerodynamic deceleration device for the spacecraft to return to the stage, it will return to the atmosphere into the spacecraft cabin, from two to three times the speed of high-speed rail to ordinary people running speed. Rong Wei said, taking into account the comfort of the astronauts, but also optimize the open parachute dynamic load, stability, speed and other performance indicators, so the design is very difficult. For decades, has completed the 508 sounding rocket recoverablesatellites manned spacecraft, lunar vehicle China multi class Spacecraft Recovery task. Accordingly, they have developed dozens of different types of parachutes, including flat round umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, square cross shaped guide surface umbrella, umbrella, umbrella sail with a ring, such as various types of stamping parafoil umbrella, the smallest area of less than 0.1 square meters. Rong Wei told reporters that the group paradrop test carried out in recent years, the success of which lay a foundation for future large spacecraft recovery. In June 2016, the multi purpose spacecraft equipped with supersonic stabilized parachute successfully returned. Used in the Mars exploration project improved disk gap umbrella has been successfully transferred to the initial research. 508 will the parachute design techniques used in other fields, to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the war when the helicopter flying huge parade and China Liberation Army flag flag Chinese people, or police body armor, there are "umbrella" and "gene". Rong Wei said, on the one hand will be repeated in China Mars, can use the carrier rocket, near space vehicle, advanced missile weapon, recovery and landing technology continues to develop, research on hypersonic inflatable reentry deceleration technology, heavy load safe and controllable recovery technology, celestial landing technology, elastic and attachment type reduction way of new technology floating load technology etc.; on the other hand will be put into the "umbrella" UAV and light aircraft recovery, building life-saving and other fields. (end)相关的主题文章: