The supreme law combined precision strike Laolai can apply for additional parties – Beijing change foldercure

The supreme law combined precision strike Laolai can apply for additional parties – change Beijing implementation to solve the supreme law of the combined Beijing morning news (reporter Huang Xiaoyu) yesterday, the Supreme People’s court held a press conference, issued a centralized on property preservation in civil execution, change the additional party two executive judicial interpretation, a normative document on this executiveprocedure, made a clear and detailed implementation to solve the problem. The Supreme People’s Court issued 8 "provisions on some issues concerning the people’s court for property preservation cases" (hereinafter referred to as "property preservation regulations"), give full play to the role of security system, to promote the preservation of reconciliation, to preserve and promote the implementation, from the source to ease the difficulty of execution. The Supreme People’s Court of the executive secretary Meng Xiang explained that the "property preservation regulations" in full consideration for preservation of the preservation of property caused by the actual loss situation, be reasonable adjustment of the amount of litigation preservation guarantee, preservation of the guarantee amount does not exceed the amount of the subject of the dispute or for preservation of property value thirty percent, greatly reducing the parties for the preservation of the cost. At present, some of the people with the help of illegal cancellation of enterprises, abuse of limited liability companies and other ways to escape the debt, to avoid the implementation of the situation occurs. To this end, the Supreme People’s Court promulgated the "Regulations on the implementation of the civil execution, the parties to a number of issues" (hereinafter referred to as "the parties to change the provisions of the"). Meng Xiang said that the judicial interpretation stipulates the application execution people change additional situations, such as death of a citizen, legal person or other organization such as merger and division of the general following, or because the transfer of creditor’s rights, divorce occurs after the specific rights, bear can apply to change yourself for additional applications for implementation, in order to fully the protection of the person applying for enforcement and related rights. "Change the additional party provision" clearly increased several urgent demand, the legal relationship is simple and easy to judge the change of addition procedure, including the change of additional defective contribution limited partner of the defective, jointly and severally liable to the promoters of the company, the transfer of defective equity shareholders, in order to escape, to avoid the formation of accurate behavior blow. In view of this executiveprocedure appeared on the problems in the judicial practice, the Supreme People’s Court issued a document on the 8 strict procedures, prevent all over the court for the one-sided pursuit of the closing rate and the abuse of this executiveprocedure. According to reports, the end of the implementation of the program, mainly refers to ensure that no property available for the implementation of the case, the court will temporarily terminate the enforcement procedure and closed treatment, continue a system to restore execution to be found after the property. Meng Xiang said that in practice, no property for the implementation of the total number of cases accounted for 40% of the total number of cases. "On the strict provisions of this executiveprocedure (Trial)" the strict requirements of this executiveprocedure, which set the standard for all demanding refinement of property investigation measures, including the debtor deposits, vehicles and other transportation, real estate, securities and other property through the combination of Internet and traditional way to carry out a full range of inquiry, the person applying for enforcement of property clues to be verified, if necessary.相关的主题文章: