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The teacher has been involved for Injury Medicine Shanghai intends to enter the controversy has been revoked in application – Beijing newspaper in Shanghai on 4 November, (Chinese youth youth online? Reporter Wang Yejie Zhou Kai) Shanghai female teachers in the medical injury event continues. This afternoon, China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter from the Shanghai municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau learned that the parties have today put forward "for personal reasons, the voluntary withdrawal of a written report in the application. Shanghai Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, said in November 1st, there are people on the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, home to turn people to sign a list of personnel to report. According to regulations, from November 2nd, the Shanghai municipal human resources and social Bureau in conjunction with the relevant departments to report the situation began to review. Today, the parties put forward for personal reasons, voluntary revocation of the application for the establishment of a written report. In view of the parties no longer apply to settle down, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security has terminated the review procedures. The same batch of other personnel publicity expired without objection, will be settled in accordance with the provisions of the formalities. Previously, users found in the bid for the "Shanghai residence permit" staff of permanent residence in Shanghai public list, one from Shanghai Qibao school applicants Miao, who in 2015 and together more serious injuries of the same man. List publicity date from October 24, 2016 to November 7, 2016. The incident sparked concern. People’s daily official micro, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League official micro conducted a follow-up report on this event. The central government of the Communist Youth League official also launched a real-time vote to solicit the views of users of the injured female medical teachers settled in Shanghai. Voting results show that 97.4% of users believe that the boycott, the quality of female teachers is too low". In November 2nd, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security through the official micro-blog "Shanghai 12333" said, "recently, there are people on board my ‘home transfer’ who settled in the public list a suspected" medical personnel "doubt, and reflect the supervision of telephone hotlines. After verification, the city "in turn" in the list of persons, according to the relevant department of the District People Club departments to report the material audit in accordance with the regulations, the application materials of related staff real procedures clearly, in October 24th entered the stage of publicity. According to the public, we will review the relevant circumstances."相关的主题文章: