The United States presidential election countdown three fierce election swing states – key

The United States presidential election countdown three fierce – the key swing state election Beijing Beijing November 5 Xinhua comprehensive report, the U.S. presidential election countdown, according to the latest polls, the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton? The leading Republican candidate Trone Puyo 2 to 4 percentage points, all in the range of error. The election is intense, the swing state has become a hotly contested spot, now the most critical three states: Ohio, Florida and North carolina. It is reported that there are 14 states are listed as a swing state, of which the tendency of the Democratic Party candidate Hilary, the Republican candidate for the two candidate, there are still uncertain in the situation of the seven, Trump. Data figure: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? Clinton. Hilary and Trump in Florida and North Carolina, close to the election. Reuters / Ipsos poll, two people in the state of the two rate to be roughly the same support. Ohio’s election is still very intense, Pennsylvania had the tendency of Hilary. From the current situation, Trump must win in Florida and North Carolina, have a chance to win. Hilary still has a chance to win even if he loses the two states. The 3 day, Hilary and Trump are canvassing to North Carolina, the two campaign team in North Carolina, the airport "passing", showing each other in speeding up fatigued with the journey. The United States Obama to Florida to attend the meeting, for the Hilary campaign cuipiao, encouraged the Democrat vote. The 4 day, Trump went to Ohio and New Hampshire, canvassing the state of Pennsylvania, Trump’s wife Melania also went to the Pennsylvania platform for him. Hilary went to Ohio and Michigan. Hilary said, she will fire, the next few days full sprint. Data figure: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump. 8 this month, on the eve of the presidential election, the Democratic Party at the end of a campaign rally will be held in many Democratic supporters in Philadelphia, the day of the joint campaign is the presence of Hilary’s husband, former president Clinton and Mrs. Obama. As the campaign draws to a close, the Republicans, who had previously been sceptical of Mr Trump, seem to have changed their minds. Congressman Chafetz told CNN (CNN): "I think the Republicans have begun to return." While the FBI suddenly announced an investigation into Hilary’s email restart scandal, Hilary’s election seems to have little effect, there are only about 8% of Democrats said they will consider not to vote for her. Data figure: local time on the evening of October 9th, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump and Democratic presidential candidate in Missouri, Saint Louis, second television debate launched in. The Reuters Ipsos made from October 30th to November 3rd 8, polls show that voters may vote, 44% behind Clinton, and another 39% in support of Trump. Reuters poll last week to poussot daily tracking display, Hilary 4 to 7 percentage points ahead of the election poll, the other is tight. Fawkes News poll showed that only 2 percentage points ahead of Trump by. Hope.相关的主题文章: