The United States will be refurbished World War II transport aircraft sold to Philippines guerrillas thinkpad s230u

The United States will transport to Philippines World War II renovation guerrillas – fried Sohu news [] British observer network integrated "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reported on October 13th, the company announced 12 Basler turbo ", the company will provide Philippines with BT-67 gunship, to replace the current OV-10" Mustang "light attack aircraft. The United States BT-67 multi-purpose aircraft Columbia air force BT-67, mounted weapons including 7.62 mm revolver gun and 20 mm cannon reported BT-67 pilots a twin engine turboprop aircraft, the aircraft in the old Douglas DC-3 "Dakota" aircraft (the famous C-47 aircraft during World War II) on the basis of the modification and the aircraft, Digital Avionics, FLIR systems, Wearable vision device operation cockpit, weather radar. The aircraft can be used as a multi-purpose platform, not only can be used to replace the OV-10 to carry out ground attack missions, but also the implementation of transport, surveillance, transportation of the wounded, as well as maritime patrol mission. According to the Basler company announced that BT-67 aircraft according to the task requires different configurations, such as have no site preparation STOL capability of the model, the machine can also use a variety of different parts, but also by an enemy MANPADS attack when there is a safety, because the aircraft PT6A-67R aircraft is Whitney Company Platt? In the wing exhaust. BT-67’s body is in aviation history’s most sophisticated models, Douglas DC-3, the aircraft entered service in the last century, the mid 30s. After the company Basler after modification, the machine can fly 650 nautical miles in carrying 4.5 tons of load (or carrying load of 1.2 tons flying 1875 miles, the need to carry large tank volume up to 35 cubic meters), cockpit. The aircraft can fly at a speed of 210 knots, with a maximum flight altitude of 13000 feet. This aircraft served in many countries, such as Columbia (gunship), Salvatore (transport), Guatemala (transport), Mali (transport), Mauritania, Thailand (reconnaissance) (Scientific Research), in addition to its users include the State Department (transport and reconnaissance), after signing the contract, the machine Philippines will be delivered within a year.相关的主题文章: