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The vehicle whistle signaled stress on the horn can lead to trouble many drivers encountered such a situation: the red light stop waiting, after the car was fierce horn urging. On the horn will cause a lot of trouble, Ningbo Yinzhou day ago occurred after the car honking his horn caused by "road rage" incident. Two days ago, the Song River Road to the north of the line of the open road, a red car and a taxi one after traveling on the road. Before the car was a bit slow, after the car was impatient, kept honking". A long time ago, the driver of the car tired, so a foot brake, the results of a taxi hit. The two sides dispute, but also moved his fist, and finally to the police station…… Traffic police said that in this accident, the car continued to honk the car before the driver started the road anger, resulting in an accident. Yinzhou police combed the area in recent years, the accident case, found seven cases of the use of the wrong horn, often cause trouble". The most common is the intersection congestion, continue to honk". The rush, in some of the more congested intersection, although every traffic light, but due to congestion can not move forward, many drivers habitually use the loudspeaker in front of the vehicle, to do so can not only solve the problem, it is very easy to cause the contradiction with the front of the car driver. Secondly, many drivers found in front of the vehicle or intersection pedestrians, non motor vehicles, like the use of horn tips, doing so may lead to pedestrians and non motor vehicle driver panic and cause accidents. There are several other conditions, such as when using the horn to meet old and sick "urging"; use the horn and out of the hospital, community, school, tunnel, garage; heavy vehicles with frequent whistle or sound loud speaker tip; use of horn animal encounters; "road rage" drivers use the horn to vent, these behaviors easily lead to conflicts and disputes even the traffic accident. The correct use of horn stress, in the order of Yinzhou Traffic Police Brigade captain Xie Liming said, honk, in the current traffic laws and regulations mainly involves two types: one is the vehicle when overtaking, in advance should turn on the left turn signal transform, use low beam lights or honking; two is near the top of the ramp, the vehicle turns the influence of safe sight distance road and overtaking or in an emergency situation, should slow down and honk. Xie police stressed that if it is not in accordance with the provisions of the speaker or in the absence of a loudspeaker horn or section of the horn, causing traffic accidents, to a fine of 200 yuan. Of course, for the special case of honking tips, the police will not be punished. Special cases include: before the car slipped to hit the car, after the car, after the car reminded the vehicle; there are serious violations such as found in the same lane, the vehicle in the vehicle retrograde; sharp turn whistle reminder.相关的主题文章: