The wall will tell the story with such stickers are not a little cliche synnex

The wall will tell the story of this little stickers stereotypes?? wall can just humble background, can also be the focus of attention, if you want your home wall more vitality, even the hidden story of the rich, then the wall is definitely the most expressive. Recommend to you 9 new creative wall stickers, hope there are the right choice for you! ?? Look at this tree pink cherry blossoms, the wind gently blowing, petals fall away ~ a romantic scene, it seems to hear the lovers under the trees whispered. ?? Fall between two trees on the rope. The owl is not Meng Da? Four owls represent the father, mother, boy, girl, holding hands, symbolizing a warm family. Let them accompany the child, tell the child to have a family to accompany you are not alone ~ on the wall, a few plants, small bedroom + studio will no longer be boring ~ all of a sudden there is vitality. Imagine not the grass wall… It is flat and uninteresting. ?? With the trees look like a Wall Stickers Wall forest! And the forest of the night – against the backdrop of the deep blue. ?? In the paste the wall map of the world wall, you are with the people of the world! You can also go to places and want to go to the place marked out, a little bit to complete the desire to travel around the world! What is the most famous saying to you? You can put this sentence on your bed, always remind or motivate yourself to better life. A little girl looked at the flying heart balloon, but she couldn’t reach out…… Look at this picture of some sad, has been complemented by tens of thousands of words…… ?? Sometimes use words to convey emotion will be more straightforward, so you can put on the home of love, attitude towards life, the expectations for the future with all the text, expressed in the form of stickers, no matter who come to visit, a glance of your mind to know about?? look at the branches and the flying birds, a full of vigor and vitality of the scene. The tree, the bird mouth inside the frame, but also posted photos.相关的主题文章: