The whole industry downturn Cordyceps experts said the protection and research should be implemented

The whole industry downturn Cordyceps experts said the protection and research of protection and research of the whole industry downturn should be two pronged approach should be implemented once a year the Cordyceps Cordyceps excavation season before the end of day. "Economic Reference News" reporter in the main producing areas of Qinghai Cordyceps research has learned that this year Cordyceps production continued to decline, while the market is in the doldrums. The research shows that the monitoring, ecological degradation and successive predatory excavation, 20 years, the amount of resources and continuous reduction of Cordyceps, part of the origin is on the verge of extinction. Interviewed experts and relevant departments for the protection and research work, to ensure the sustainable development. The volume and price of empty stalls in China Merchants is Cordyceps resources in the country, accounted for 96% of the world, including Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan region, Gansu, Yunnan five provinces. Among them, Qinghai province accounted for about 65%. Reporters recently in Xining city’s biggest market — one of the new millennium Cordyceps militaris world visited to see the shops here but a deserted house in contrast to the past, streams of people busily coming and going the scene. A young woman surnamed Ma continued to ask reporters what they need. "This year, business is very weak, although the price is much lower than last year, especially in the first half of this year can be said to be the cheapest, but few people interested. The whole building is in on state businesses." She said with a helpless face. Executive vice president of the association of Cordyceps sinensis in Qinghai province Zhao Jinwen introduction, Cordyceps market had dropped to in 2008 when the financial crisis trough, the gradual recovery after a period of about three years to 2014, affected by the environment, prices continued to fall from two to 30%, this year is also a low in recent years, prices fell by at least 10% than last year. A few years ago the "King" of Cordyceps price per kilogram of ten, the first half of this year only sold seventy thousand or eighty thousand. June after the beginning of the new grass market, Cordyceps prices rebounded, but the overall market is relatively weak. This year, the feeling of Cordyceps less, digging Cordyceps people are less." Cordyceps militaris for many years in the field monitoring of the Qinghai Academy of animal husbandry and Veterinary Institute of Grassland Research Director Li Yuling told reporters. It is understood that this year, the number of Chinese caterpillar fungus digging army less than about 13 last year, compared to last year, the cost of grass hill and half of the contract fee, mining costs also from last year’s 7 to 8 yuan fell to $5. Vice governor of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai District Gasang Cordyceps told reporters, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the first half of Cordyceps prices fell by 20%, but still no one to buy; after June and July prices rebound, but due to the overall decline, herdsman income fell more from cordyceps. In order to effectively implement the excavation of Qinghai Academy of animal husbandry and Veterinary Research Institute of grassland Cordyceps 20 years of continuous monitoring data show that although the interannual fluctuation exists, but the amount of the overall trend of Cordyceps resources has been in decline. Li Yuling, an area of about 1000 acres of Guoluo Maqin County hill, 1996, 100% grass cover, you can dig Cordyceps on the hillside. Gradually, as the snow line rise, only in the mountains to dig on相关的主题文章: