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This national day to luxury car supermarket with the liberalization of national policy, more and more consumers began to pay attention to the parallel import cars, the choice of parallel imported cars. Compared to the standard car, parallel import car price advantage is very large. As early as a few months ago, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of public security and other 8 departments issued the "several opinions on promoting the pilot parallel import car" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), once again stressed the need to speed up China’s auto parallel imports Pilot Measures landing. Insiders pointed out that the 8 ministries issued a document to strengthen the development of parallel imported cars, means the car circulation system innovation to further accelerate the development, stimulate the vitality of the automotive market, is conducive to enhance the overall competitiveness of the parallel import car market this year, is expected to enter the path of rapid development. What is a parallel import car? The so-called parallel imports of cars, is the non domestic production of imported cars (currently the main domestic and American version, the Middle East version). The "parallel" refers to the source of the car channel and the domestic authorized dealer (4S shop) sales of imported cars are identical parallel channels are provided from the car brand car manufacturers, the price is often much cheaper than "general agent channels". With a simple and popular, to catch up with the times, down to earth is the word "overseas purchasing". In a series of favorable policies driven by parallel import of high-speed growth in the automotive market, the first half of this year, parallel imports of 54548 cars, an increase of 9.15%, compared with the imported car market decline of 12.3%, parallel import market is much higher than the market overall situation. In the first half, parallel imports accounted for 11.2% of imported car market. But for the parallel import car, there are still some people have heard of this name, but for its advantages still have a smattering of knowledge in the state, so the parallel import car has what advantage? Following by the Chinese Menghao car supermarket to explain one by one for you. First, the price of imported cars to reduce the total dealers, distributors, 4S stores and other links, eliminating the need for a lot of intermediate links. And the price of a number of parallel import car manufacturers restrictions, more freedom, so there is not a small discount on the price, the general parallel imported cars to lower than the price of about 10%-30%. Two, car and car car in time after the overseas listing, sometimes due to the failure of some automobile manufacturers strategic planning, domestic certification in the China listed, but as parallel imported cars, in this regard with the advantages of free richly endowed by nature in the overseas purchase, and then shipped back to domestic sales, save a lot of the car waiting time. Three models, China have rich configuration to buy overseas models, is also an advantage of parallel import of the car. In general, in order to comply with China’s market positioning strategy, car manufacturers will be imported into the overseas models will be a certain adjustment, modification. Parallel imported cars generally imported from North America, the Middle East and other regions, and not necessarily consistent models. Such as Mercedes Benz GL350, Mercedes Benz 4S shop in the country does not have a diesel version of the model, and through the parallel import car can buy Diesel version. Four, special vehicle luxury car in domestic yet sales of luxury sports cars, pickup trucks, car models, and generally can be purchased in parallel import car dealers. Five.相关的主题文章: