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Thousand Island Lake, exploring the lion city, for a thousand years – about Sohu tourism in infinite time, you silent, not to utter a single word boundless expanse of blue water circulation; to you, hiding quietly. Let your chores, back and forth, around samsara. If the time is not old, if you are still in charge of what, past life and this life. Yes, to the Millennium about, will throb and delight all entrusted to you. Qiandao Lake, quest the lion city, break annoying obstacles, on a leisurely pace, to meet a girl just wake up. Wen Yuan Singapore in the world. Thousand Island Lake, past and present of Singapore, Singapore in 1400 and reincarnation, Qiandao Lake was born, by virtue of its water and land transportation convenience, known as "small Western Zhejiang". In 1959, for the construction of hydropower station, the ancient city, villages and farmland, sank to the lake bottom. In 2001, the diver first launched into the ancient city of lion. The wall of the house brushed the wall crevice of lime mud, well preserved; magnificent arched west gate intact stands in the water. In 2012, CCTV led the Qiandao Lake town of large live events. In 2016, "Wen Yuan Singapore" began to wake up, the underwater city copy on the ground, covering the five star The Inn Boutique, tourism real estate, water sports, entertainment and other high-end real estate and commercial landscape. Singapore: morning sunlight is so warm, how appealing was spread in the summer heat, every inch of land, Qiandao Lake was not spared. So, they rushed to the water in the early morning of the ancient city, find a way, about the story of the past and present life. Six points more than the sun, also considered gentle. You just fine pace, the static under heart to feel this a thousand years later. A church Middle East Street Wenyuan singapore. Small table with a small chair. Just take a break. East avenue. Hand drawn map logo. Along the white walls of the gray tile courtyard, stepping on the green grass stone road, came to the East street. East Street is a main street Wenyuan lion East-West Town, 6 Church Street is lined with a variety of shops on both sides. Walk, you will find that every few shops, there will be a hand painted wooden door map guide. Because the time is early, shops closed, but still hide a literary spirit Pumianerlai, or because of all kinds of green plants placed in front of the store, or because the Huizhou architecture carved, the unique charm of the humanities spreads the thick and heavy in colours. The square in front of the Ying mountain academy. On the street, in addition to the early work occasionally met the villagers, I am the only one who stood around in this ancient city in. Between trance, feel, this is my a little happy city, also in the bottom of my heart into a flower shape. Is going to stay, all by your self awareness, not to be upset, not to be forced. Under the eaves hanging on the red drum. Half pots on the wall, so that the design is really don’t mind a plant. The water will suddenly sprang from a jar. Hand painted. This hand-painted wall, attracted tourists. Lion pavilion. ]相关的主题文章: